SuperBook And IGT Partner On Tennessee Sports Betting

Written By Darren Cooper on June 17, 2022Last Updated on June 30, 2022
IGT Partners With Tennessee For SuperBook Sports Betting

Tennessee has a new-ish sportsbook in its line-up, and it’s Super.

SuperBook launched in Tennessee this past spring, becoming the ninth mobile sports betting option for fans in the Volunteer State. (Unfortunately, the top-ranked Vols lost in the college baseball Super Regional to Notre Dame.)

But additionally, SuperBook announced a partnership with the online gaming behemoth IGT, which will operate the betting platform. The SuperBook app is available for sports bettors in Colorado, New Jersey, Arizona, and Tennessee.

“Over the last two years, IGT PlaySports has played a strategic role in helping SuperBook Sports engage sports fans across the U.S. and achieve our growth goals,” said Jay Kornegay, SuperBook executive vice president in an announcement trumpeting the partnership.

“We’re excited to bring the SuperBook Sports mobile betting app to Tennessee and to introduce players throughout the State to our signature promotions and highly competitive, localized sports betting offering.”

SuperBook Sports laun
ched the first sports betting operation in Las Vegas in 1986 and billed its Westgate site as the largest sportsbook in the world. It’s definitely one of the most popular destinations for betting in Nevada.

Why should sports bettors care about this SuperBook?

Take it from someone who knows a few things about an online sportsbook: SuperBook has a clean, easy interface with an attractive black and gold color scheme. My favorite thing about the platform is the ability to search for the team/game that I want. SuperBook also has a breakout dropdown for Regional teams. Therefore, Tennessee sports bettors can quickly go straight to the Titans, Predators, Grizzlies, or Vols.

SuperBook also has an extensive array of soccer offerings from Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

“Given SuperBook Sports’ roots and legacy in Nevada, we’ve had an opportunity to watch the enterprise grow from a single, iconic location in Las Vegas, to a growing multi-state sportsbook operator,” commented Joe Asher, IGT President of Sports Betting.

“The IGT PlaySports-powered sportsbook that SuperBook Sports created for Tennessee can scale for any market opportunity and evolve in parallel with player preferences and behaviors.”

In other words, the app can learn and grow as the player uses it.

Other options for Tennessee sports bettors

The Volunteer start already has Barstool, Action 24/7, BetMGM, Caesars, DraftKings, FanDuel, and Wagr as live sportsbook options, so SuperBook has entered a crowded field.

It is surely counting on the experience of IGT for a simple platform for players to use.

Tennessee is the fourth state in the US where the two companies have created a partnership to provide a pathway for sports betting. IGT (International Gaming Technology) is a worldwide company with over 10,000 employees known for its innovative slot machines and progressive slot games.

The company works with the Kansas State Lottery to provide the electronic infrastructure for the state lottery there and also works with the Harrington Raceway and Casino in Delaware.

IGT was named the Sports Betting Platform of the Year at the 2021 SBC North America Awards.

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