Group Allegedly Cheated Playing Roll To Win Craps At The Cosmopolitan

Written By Marc Meltzer on May 29, 2023

A group of gamblers allegedly cheated playing Roll To Win Craps at The Cosmopolitan. The group allegedly used a technique known as dice sliding to win more than $225,000 over a few days at the property in 2021.

8 News Now was the first to report on the alleged cheating scheme that took place in November and December of 2021. The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) investigated this alleged incident.

The board found that the group of people included:

  • Antcharaporn Kamonlert
  • Hau Ngo
  • Max Rappoport
  • Oscar Rodriguez

The group wasn’t hiding the fact that they were together. According to the report, the four individuals were seen together on surveillance cameras at the table and elsewhere.

Each person faces cheating-related charges. All are also connected to one criminal case. A preliminary hearing is scheduled to take place at Las Vegas Justice Court on June 1.

What is dice sliding with a craps game?

Dice sliding is exactly what it sounds like. The person shooting the dice in a craps game will set the dic
e to show the result they want.

Instead of rolling the dice to bounce on the table and against the wall as required, the shooter will slide the dice across the table.

The dice don’t bounce when the shooter slides them. The final result when sliding is that the dice will show the desired result that has already been set.

For example, if dice sliders want the result to be a Hard Six, they will slide both of the dice with the number 3 showing on top of both. The result will be Hard Six (a pair of threes) for a 9-1 win on the Hard Six. This could be in addition to a pass-line wager placed by any of the parties involved.

According to documents from the NGCB, the shooter “would signal the other (players) by placing single wagers in a circular motion around the main screen.”

Roll to Win Craps was the game played at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas casino

According to the report, “the cheating involved multiple suspects and occurred on the Azure Roll to Win Electronic Craps table.” This is a relatively new type of electronic craps game.

Playin USA first saw the Roll To Win Craps game at the Aruze booth during the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in 2018. It took some time before the new electronic craps game reached Las Vegas casinos.

The Cosmopolitan only had one Roll To Win Craps game on the casino floor when the incident took place. The Roll To Win Craps game by Aruze was removed from the casino floor at The Cosmopolitan by mid-January.

Roll To Win Craps is a semi-automated craps game that uses one dealer instead of three. It uses a Ticket In Ticket Out (TITO) system for money.

This craps game does not use chips so a box person isn’t required to keep an extra eye on the players.

Anecdotally, this wasn’t the only occurrence of cheating while playing Roll To Win Craps. It appeared as though some other Las Vegas casinos removed the game from their casino floor around the same time as this incident.

This particular cheating scheme took place over six days in 2021. According to the report, the group took home more than $226,000.

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