Review Process on PlayUSA

Online casino reviews are our business. In fact, they?re practically our only business, which is why we take them so seriously.

Our team of experts leans on more than 15 years of combined experience in the online casino and gambling sphere. We?ve got the best from some of the biggest names in online gambling, like PokerStars, Caesars Entertainment and World Series of Poker. Plus, sports betting experts from mainstream media giants like ESPN, Sports Illustrated and USA Today.

More info about our reliable and trustworthy content team is available right here, including writer and contributor bios.

Why you can trust Playin USA

We?ve been around as long as some of the biggest and most trusted brands in the online casino game. Our experts are true industry veterans.

They?re real people who play the games, try to clear the bonuses, and take advantage of the promos, just as you do. It?s just that they?ve been doing it for more than a decade now and have achieved a high level of know-how worth tapping into.

They?re also casino industry veterans who previously designed these marketing campaigns, bonuses, and promotional offers. People who know the true value of them and are willing to pass that knowledge on to you.

Plus, we don?t just deal exclusively with licensed online casinos and sportsbooks ? we?re licensed, too. In fact, Playin USA has completed vendor licensing and registration requirements in every state where it is appropriate. Our parent company, Catena Operations Ltd., is licensed as a registered vendor in nine states. Here are the details:

  • Arizona, #EW2000019, since Aug. 23, 2021
  • Colorado, #94433550, since May 22, 2020
  • Indiana, SWR-000107,since Nov. 9, 2019
  • Michigan, #007543, since Dec. 14, 2020
  • New Jersey, #0089184, since April 6, 2021
  • Pennsylvania, no license number, since April 4, 2019
  • Tennessee, no license number, since Aug. 19, 2020
  • Virginia, #100102, since Jan. 13, 2021
  • West Virginia, SWS 037, since Aug. 14, 2020

Ultimately, Playin USA is transparent about what it does, how it makes its money, and who the experts are giving their opinions in our reviews. That?s why Playin USA is trustworthy.

Independent reviews

We?ve got deals with many legal online casinos, but we don?t let these agreements impact our reviews. Our credibility depends on it. Our reviews are unbiased and not influenced by any partnerships or affiliate marketing agreements we have with any online casino brands. Our reviews are independent.

Review process

Our experts test each casino, ask questions, scour the internet for answers and do far more than the necessary research and leg work in putting together reviews on Playin USA. We have teams dedicated to online casino reviews, slot games and core informational pages.

Here?s a look at some of the key questions and the thought behind each one:

We only work with state-licensed online casinos that you can trust with your money and personal information because local regulators ensure it. That?s why we always start by asking if an online casino is state-licensed and legitimate.

We know you want to know what?s in it for you. That?s why our first follow-up questions are always about what a casino is offering in terms of an initial casino sign-up bonus, how hard it is to get your hands on that bonus money, and if more bonuses are available down the road.

It?s always worth asking how smooth the download and sign-up process is because we know if it isn?t, you won?t want to bother.

Here?s where it gets a little technical. But don?t worry, we?re really only trying to find out how easy it is to use the online casino?s app. So we check how easy it is to navigate and if there are any notable features that make it stand out from the crowd.

We do the same for the casino website and check how the games perform in terms of loading speed and reliability.

We?re not just asking for a list here. We dive in and check to make sure the games load fast and stay reliably connected. We also look at gameplay and how quick and responsive or slow and clunky it is.

Only after that do we go back to the list and examine it for game selection and variety.

What?s in it for you? That?s why we asked above about more bonuses, and we?ll ask again here. This time, we?re solely focused on the kinds of ongoing promos casinos run that you can claim as a regular customer, not just when you sign up.

Here?s another ?What?s in it for you?? question. This one focuses on casino loyalty programs and the rewards you can get for playing.

If there is a loyalty program, we want to know how it works, how easy it is to use, and whether it?s connected to any land-based casino loyalty program so you can turn online points into rewards at brick-and-mortar casino destinations.

We make a deposit and note how long it takes to hit our account so you know what to expect. We do the same thing for withdrawals. Plus, we check how many banking options are available.

Here?s where we put the customer support to work to check for responsiveness, speed, accuracy, and efficiency. We make sure customer support does its job and does it right before we say anything about it to you.

Finally, our reviewers take all the above into account and write about their experiences with an online casino. They provide you with a rating and review from both a customer and industry insider perspective.

Our publishing process

Our online casino reviews don?t end with the writing. Each one goes through a complete publishing process:

Copy editing and fact-checking

Reviews have all kinds of claims and stats. They talk about casino bonuses, game features, and the like. Before we publish, we check all of this info. We only publish information that we?ve verified.

Final check by Playin USA content manager

A Playin USA content manager then steps in to check that all review content meets our standards. The manager also checks for accuracy, readability, and clarity.

Regular page updates

Finally, these same managers come back twice a month to check all bonus offers, promos, features, and game data, updating each with the latest new information. If a bonus offer changes, they?re on top of it and pass the new information along to readers.