Our Editorial Process

Whether you are new to Playin USA or a seasoned reader, you may question the reliability of our information. After all, there are a number of gambling news sites out there, and as with industry websites, it can be hard to tell the wheat from the chaff. It is critically important that you understand the procedures we undertake to ensure our information is both newsworthy and accurate.

We pledge that our content at Playin USA is informative, accurate and written by professional journalists.

Our commitment to ethics, law

Playin USA is committed to reporting on our subjects accurately and fairly. Mostly, we do not editorialize or otherwise contribute our opinions about the issues facing legal US gambling. Instead, we focus on an impartial approach to documenting events involving sports betting, casino gambling and poker around the US.

Above all else, Playin USA wants readers to abide by the laws in their areas. If there is even a chance that a particular activity might be illegal or legally dubious, we do not want you to do it. Every casino site, land-based casino, sportsbook and racetrack we cover is a regulated, licensed and legal entity in its resident states. Regional laws and regulations are explained in great detail.

As a Catena Media site, Playin USA is licensed in multiple jurisdictions, so we only provide you with information on legal and regulated sites.

We do not support offshore gambling.

Our editorial team

Every contributing writer at Playin USA is an expert in both gambling and journalism. Many have worked directly for casinos, sportsbooks or other gambling organizations. Others have years of experience covering the industry through ESPN, USA Today and local news outlets. Most of us are players, and we count winning sports bettors, handicappers and poker players within our ranks.

You can view the Playin USA team here.

Where we get our information

Our depth of knowledge and experience allows us to draw upon excellent sources of information. Often, our news stories and information flow directly from primary sources. We often speak with the bill’s author if we cover a proposed law. If we report specific statistics, our information usually comes from the state regulator.

What we do not, and will not ever, trust is hearsay or other dubious sources of secondhand information. Even if we hear rumors about an event, we won’t publish unless we can confirm its veracity independently of the source. Playin USA is not a gossip website, and we do not see any value in sensationalizing any part of our reporting.

Our editorial process

Simply writing down information from primary sources is not sufficient for our readers, however. Every word published onsite undergoes a rigorous editorial procedure. We employ a team of editors to review our materials for both factual accuracy and grammatical errors.

In addition, each article on Playin USA receives an independent review from the managing editor and regional content managers. We will always credit the original source for any information we use in our reporting. We do not publish user-generated content or accept submissions.


Our writers, editors, experts, observers, search engine professionals and content managers read through everything we publish. Any facts we state are subject to review and examination by everyone in the loop.

The US gambling industry is evolving quickly. Much of our informational and review page content is reviewed monthly or weekly, depending on the need. If a piece of content undergoes a rewrite, the article goes through the same process, which includes fact-checking, copyediting and final reviews by the Playin USA content managers.

Ad placement

Thank you for your desire to advertise on Playin USA. Unfortunately, we do not offer advertising contracts or accept ad contract offers from external sources.

When errors happen

Of course, there’s no denying that we do make errors in our reporting from time to time. As with any human endeavor, it’s impossible to be perfect. If you encounter an error or inaccuracy in one of our articles, we ask that you reach out to us so we can review the error in question.

How we make money and conflicts of interest

Playin USA is a licensed affiliate site through Catena Media. Our advertising and fees allow us to provide you with the latest information on the US gambling industry. We hold licenses to operate in multiple states, including New Jersey, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Our licensing details are available here.

Although we may promote certain sites over others, we do not report information on our site that is not entirely accurate. Furthermore, we do not omit or exclude reporting on a site. Our news reporting is never informed by partner considerations.

Feedback and suggestions

If you read something in one of our news stories or reviews that does not match your experience, we want to hear from you. If a deal we promoted turns out to not be accurate, then we want to know about it as soon as possible. If you had a positive experience, we also want to hear about that.

You can share your suggestions and feedback by sending an email to [email protected].