Free Spins Casino Bonuses

As online casinos continue to pop up in different spots around the country, the competition for market share increases. Online casino operators know that their competitors are only a button press away, so they have to offer perks, benefits, and deals to new and existing customers in order to keep them happy. One of their favorite types of offers is to give away free spin bonuses.

Free spins no deposit bonuses are wonderful things. No matter your level of experience with online casino play, your ears should perk up if you hear about free spin casino opportunities. This page provides:

  • Best free spin bonus offers, updated monthly
  • How to use free spins and win real money
  • Playthrough requirements for free spin casinos

Top free spin offers for 2023

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What is a free spins casino bonus?

A free spins bonus is the opportunity to spin an online slot machine with no deposit required. Any winnings you manage to earn during your free spins round are yours to keep.

Needless to say, most players are more than happy to take advantage of free spin bonus offers. Even the most seasoned gamblers can?t argue with taking a free shot at some extra cash or prizes.

However, free spin online casino bonuses are most often offered to new customers as a method to get them to give the casino a try. The casino is willing to take the chance at some short-term losses if it can break the ice and acquire a new player in the process.

Online casinos are savvy, though. Most free spin casino bonuses limit the bet amount associated with the free spins to a smaller denomination. They also render some machines ineligible for redeeming a free spin bonus. Usually, if there?s a progressive jackpot or some other potential for a massive payout, the casino will limit its exposure to customers who have paid for the opportunity.

How do free spin bonuses work?

If you know that you?ve been awarded a free spin no deposit bonus, you may be wondering what you need to do in order to trigger them. The good news is that most of the time, there is little effort required on your part.

In fact, many free spin bonuses will automatically trigger when you log into the site. The online casino will whisk you to the designated machine for the free spin bonus and will begin spinning your reels automatically. You just have to sit back and watch the winnings roll into your account.

Occasionally, you may have a choice of games when it comes to redeeming a free spin bonus. In that case, you?ll just have to open the game you want to play, and the site will display your free spins remaining in the area where the bet size usually is.

However, you should take care to be sure that somewhere on the game it mentions that you are using your free spins. If you happen to have selected an ineligible game for the bonus, the last thing to do would be to burn through your account money and have no idea you were doing so.

In terms of the bet size, you can count on casinos reducing their exposure as much as they can. So, it is likely that any free spins you receive will be valid for the minimum bet size only, and no more.

Best free spins bonuses for May 2023

Rank Online Casino Bonus Offer Free Spins Offer Slots Play Now!
1. Golden Nugget Casino $10 Free + Up to $1,000 on Deposit 200 free spins on 88 Fortunes slot (MI and NJ only) 500+ Play Now!
2. Caesars Casino Up to $200 on Deposit Not Available 400+ Play Now!
3. DraftKings Casino $25 Free + 100% Match up to $2,000 Deposit Bonus $35 No Deposit 60+ Play Now!
4. Unibet Casino 100% Up To $750 On Deposit $10 No Deposit 90+ Play Now!
5. FanDuel Casino $2,000 Play it Again Not Available 25+ Play Now!
6. FOX Bet Casino 100% up to $1,500 Not Available 25+ Play Now!
7. BetRivers Casino 100% up to $250 Not Available 50+ Play Now!
8. Hollywood Casino Up To $750 Deposit Bonus $10 No Deposit 80+ Play Now!

Main types of free spin bonuses

Free spins are not one-size-fits-all propositions. There are several different types of sign-up bonuses that you might encounter on your gambling journey.

The differentiating factors for each of these types usually have to do with the method and particulars of how the casino doles out the spins. Some free spin bonus types are more generous than others.

No deposit free spins

No deposit bonuses?of any kind are often the sweetest type of bonus. The free spin variety of this kind of bonus is no exception. In this type of free spin bonus, you are able to spin for cash or prizes without having to deposit any of your own money.

You will usually have to register and it might require a bonus code. You can find the free spin bonus codes above. No deposit free spin casino bonuses are usually an award reserved for those who complete the registration process onsite. It?s a way for casinos to welcome the new players and give them a ?test drive? of the site?s games and options.

Deposit free spins

If no deposit free spins require no purchase on your part, deposit free spins are the exact opposite. You receive a free spin bonus as a perk of making a deposit into your site account.

The site will usually specify a minimum deposit amount that you must deposit in order to qualify for the free spins. The exact particulars and bet levels associated with the free spins may vary, but if you were already planning on making a deposit, this kind of bonus is a nice thing to have in your back pocket.

No requirement free spins

Regardless of which free spin bonus you receive above, you might find that your winnings are subject to a playthrough requirement. A playthrough requirement is an amount of wagering that you must complete before your winnings become eligible for withdrawal. The requirement is usually a multiple of your winnings, but you?ll probably have to bet through the money at least once.

However, if you pay attention to the fine print, you may find that sweetest of free spin offers ? the no requirement free spin bonus. In free spin bonuses of this type, the money that you win during your free spins is immediately yours to keep and available for withdrawal. So, if you manage to pick up a sizable win and/or had no intention of playing on the site in question otherwise, this kind of bonus is perfect for you to use.

Play money free spins

Finally, it?s possible that you might just want to try a site?s games without any risk. Although a trial run is impossible to find at land-based casinos, demo versions of slot machines and/or play money free spin bonuses are not uncommon in online casinos.

In fact, most online casinos have a free version of their software to try out. The goal of these free spins is, no doubt, to inspire you to convert to the real money side of things. However, you never have to do so if you do not wish to make the switch. Stay on the free money side, and you?ll never know the pain of being stuck.

How do playthrough requirements work?

If you were just skimming through this page, you may have seen a small section about playthrough requirements. You didn?t pay it much mind, but now that you have some free spins, you?ve noticed that there is a requirement, and you?re wondering what to do.

That?s no problem. A playthrough (or wagering) requirement can be a frustrating thing to have to navigate when you?re trying to put some free money in your pocket.

The playthrough requirement is the amount of money that you must wager in order to release a bonus for withdrawal from your casino account into your wallet. These requirements are not restricted to slot free spin bonuses by any means, and are quite common with deposit bonuses and other big money offers.

They are basically a way to ensure that you don?t just grab the casino?s money and run. The casino wants to make sure that it has a chance to win back the money it just gave you and, with any luck, secure some of your own money, too.

The amount of money you must wager will always be some multiple of the amount of bonus money you have realized or won from the promotion. The multiple can be any amount, but is usually somewhere between 1 – 50x the amount.

It?s a bit easier to understand how these work with an example. So, let?s say that you have spun your free spins and are now in the following scenario:

  • Winnings: $108.25
  • Playthrough: 1x

In this instance, you would need to bet an additional < strong>$108.25 in order to release those funds as cash in your account. However, let?s say that the bonus was a bit more exacting:

  • Winnings: $108.25
  • Playthrough: 6x

Now, you?ll have to bet an additional $649.50 to release the bonus. Depending on the house edge and your expected loss from playing a particular game, this amount of wagering might actually make the bonus not worth the effort.

However, with playthrough requirements, one important thing to realize is that you don?t have to lose the money to satisfy the requirement. In fact, you could come out an even bigger winner. You just have to be willing to give the online casino an appropriate bite at the apple.

Can I win real money with casino free spins?

One of the bedrock axioms in economics is that there?s no such thing as a free lunch, and it is not possible to get something for nothing. So, it makes sense that you might be a bit skeptical about what you can win from these free spins.

However, the truth of the matter is that you can put some big prizes into your pocket if things go well. Generally speaking, free spins bonuses pay out cash, prizes, or additional free spins.

In terms of cash, you can always pick up incremental wins as you go through your spins. Depending on the promotion, you might also be able to contend for jackpots on the eligible slot games. Though it?s unlikely, it?s possible to bank enormous infusions of money through your free spins.

Another type of win that you can grab with free spins is for tangible prizes or perks. Although somewhat rarer, it might be possible to get dinner vouchers, hotel stays, or vehicles through your free spins. These opportunities don?t come along often, but they do happen.

Finally, you can also receive more opportunities to spin the reels for free. Although you?re no closer to a vacation or retirement when that happens, you do retain the ability to keep spinning and winning for a bit longer.

How can I get free spins?

Claiming a slot’s free spin bonus is not a difficult process. After all, the casino wants to get you in the door, so they can?t make it too complicated to redeem.

There are three different ways that you can typically claim a free spins bonus. The first is simplest ? proceed through a designated link to the site itself.

We recommend that you use the links in the descriptions above to claim the offers as they pop up. However, some casinos may send you an offer directly, and you need only visit through the email link to redeem.

The second way to activate your free spins is to receive them automatically in exchange for accomplishing a task. The casino site might offer you a certain number of spins for signing up on the site or making your first deposit. There could very well be no other action required.

Finally, some free spins offers are going to come with special codes to activate them. You will enter these free spin bonus codes on either the registration or deposit screens, depending on the particulars of the offer. Make sure that you pay attention to your spelling, as the codes must be precise and are usually case-sensitive.

Frequently Asked Questions


Generally speaking, you just need to look at this page to find them. We usually have the best offers for free spins (and other welcome bonuses) that you can get. For US players, Luckyland Slots usually offers daily free sweeps so you can play the games for free. In NJ, expect BetMGM casino to offer weekly free spins, while PokerStars Casino has a new 200 free spins promo.


Yes! As long as the sites you?re using are legitimate, the free spins offers are exactly as advertised. Regulatory agencies tend to frown on their signatories committing fraud, so you can trust them as long as they are legal casinos in your state.


If you?re a table games or poker player, you might not be inclined to dive into the world of online slots. However, you should always take advantage of free spins bonus offers whenever you see them. They don?t have any downside, aside from the time you?ll spend spinning, and you get to keep anything you win in the process. You can use your winnings to play poker or table games.


Yes. It is possible to win sizeable amounts of money, prizes, and other benefits with free spins. Although the probability of putting serious funds in your pocket is fairly low, you will usually get something from playing.


It depends. Deposit bonus spins do require a purchase in order to activate the free spins bonus. However, read the terms and conditions for any free spins offer that you see. The amount may not be very much, and if you were already planning on depositing anyway, there?s no reason not to take advantage.