Monopoly 250K Slot Review

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Monopoly 250K Slot Review

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The classic Milton Bradley board game is back to inspire another fun, bonus-filled slot machine game by SG Digital.

The Monopoly 250K slot game mixes a variety of jackpots, bonus games and surprise multipliers to make every spin interesting.

Fans with fond memories of the long-time board game will love the references to the iconic pieces, places and cards, but even newcomers to the brand will enjoy the clean, colorful design.

Let’s see whether this machine ultimately ends up on Boardwalk or Baltic Avenue.

Monopoly 250K Appearance

SG Digital provides a beautiful design for the base game along with some amazing details for the extra features. The background is bright and colorful cityscape with a slightly uncanny old Uncle Pennybags standing off to the side of the game.

The reels themselves have a nice, tiled look that makes them stand out against the screen, and the symbols all have clean and easily readable designs with good use of different colors for different values.

As expected, the symbols are all Monopoly-inspired. Instead of using generic card symbols, the game uses the battleship, car, motorcycle and airplane pieces for the lower values.

The higher values are inspired by Pennybags himself, with Monopoly money, logos and shining diamonds lighting up the reels.

It is worth noting the high level of polish around the bonus features. The Railroad bonus includes a detailed train that travels across the top of the reels to select the bonus for each spin.

There’s a small simulated dice game for the Go To Jail bonus.

The Community Chest bonus uses realistic looking cards from the game, and the Chance and Mystery spaces have a really cool sliding effect when they reveal their symbol each turn. These little touches add up to make the game a high-quality experience.

Monopoly 250K: Core Gameplay

Monopoly 250K uses five reels and five rows to make a nice square grid. There are 40 paylines and players do not have the option to play less. Players should probably look at the available payline maps if they’re not familiar with a 5×5 game.

There are wild spaces that can help fill out lines, but the Mystery and Chance spaces are far more common. After each spin, any symbol except for the bonus symbol can be picked for the Mystery space and the Chance space.

They generally won’t have the same symbol, but anything is possible on a lucky spin. In practice, it’s a great way to get blocks of the same symbol on the reels and a fun surprise at the end of a spin.

Community Chest Bonus Feature

Another big feature of the core game is the Community Chest bonus round. On any spin that isn’t going to trigger the Big Wheel bonus, players may hear the announcer call out and put three cards on the screen.

Players pick their card to reveal a multiplier bonus for the spin, which can be a 2x, 3x, 5x or even a 10x line multiplier.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t guarantee a win, so players will definitely see a few multipliers go to waste. On that note, the titular 250K Super Jackpot can trigger on its own after any spin that doesn’t result in a payout. It’s one heck of a consolation prize.

Players probably won’t be surprised to hear that most of the game’s potential winnings are tied up in the bonuses. Line payouts are fairly low.

For example, players will need to hit four diamonds or five higher value symbols before a single line payout breaks even on the spin.

Even filling up most of the game with one symbol can be a surprisingly low payout. The game revolves around lining up a good multiplier with a good spin or hitting one of the bonus rounds.

The average win is just a nice surprise that helps keep the bankroll alive while players are waiting for the big one.

The Big Wheel Bonus

While the big 250,000 jackpot lies in the main game, a lot of riches still lie behind the Big Wheel bonus. Players can trigger this bonus by getting three Big Wheel Bonus symbols on the reels. They can only appear in the top left, center and bottom right spaces, so it’s pretty easy to tell if it’s on the table or not for each spin.

Getting all three brings up the wheel itself, which is loaded with spaces inspired by the Monopoly board.
The property spaces are tied to immediate payouts ranging from 100x to 4,000x the line bet.

There are also four separate bonus games available for players that land on the spaces for The Railroad, The Electric Company, Jail or Free Parking.

The Railroad Bonus

The Railroad Bonus sends the player to a free spin bonus round. Players are given eight free spins on a modified version of the 5×5 game. The biggest change is the train that moves across the top of the reels.

Each spin pulls either a cash bonus or a multiplier off of a train car that passes through the arch. The multipliers can range between 2x and 10x.

It’s not possible to win any more free spins or trigger the Big Wheel bonus again during this round.

The Electric Company Bonus

The Electric Company Bonus is another modified free spin round. In this round, players start with 10 free spins on the 5×5 grid, but these reels can have special lamps appear.

At the end of each spin, players will see whether the bottom right reel lands on the light switch symbol. Landing on the switch turns on all of the lamps that appeared on that spin, then it awards their listed cash bonuses.

These bonuses can range from 50x to 1,000x the line bet that triggered the bonus spin. Players can also still win with standard combinations, but with all of the lamps on the board, it’s a little hard to get much of a payline going.

It’s possible for the bottom right space to land on a “+2” symbol, which doesn’t activate any lamps but does add an extra two spins to the round.

Final Bonus Features

The last two bonus rounds are slightly faster games that aren’t based on the reels. The Go to Jail bonus sends the player to a special simulated dice game.

Players have three throws to get a matching pair on their dice and get out of jail. Landing doubles on the first, second or third throw respectively pays out 75x, 25x or 10x the total bet that triggered the bonus.

Failing to get doubles will still pay out 5x the total bet.

The Free Parking Bonus brings up 23 Free Parking spaces. Players pick a set of five spaces which then fade away to reveal the total payout for the game.

There are 18 spaces with cash values ranging from 1x to 7x the total bet. The big draw is the five that are hiding Jackpot symbols though. Getting all five Jackpot symbols pays out 400x the total bet, but even getting just one is worth 10x.

The Last Trip Around the Board

Scientific Gaming’s Monopoly 250K is a really fun slot machine game that should please a lot of players. It’s a nicely designed game with a lot of fun surprises.

The only negative is that so many of the big wins are tied up in the bonus features. Players who like more classic slots and jackpots may find it a little frustrating that they have to hold out for special features to see a big win, and with a 95.39% RTP there is a slight premium paid for the bonus features compared to other slots.

That said, there’s still a lot to like. Anyone looking for a flashy machine with a variety of bonus games will love this game.