Amazing Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Slots

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Amazing Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Slots

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Amazing Ripley’s Slot Review

Players looking for an unbelievable mix of bonus features and surprises should be thrilled with Amazing Ripley’s Believe It Or Not online slots.

This exciting slot machine from Spin Games may not do too much with the Ripley’s brand, but it does give players lots of ways to win. Featuring spinning bonus wheels, free slot spins with locking wilds and even a trivia bonus round, these slots really change the game.

Any fan of special bonus games should love this machine, even if the basics are a little simple.

The Amazing Ripley’s Believe It Or Not slot machine surprisingly doesn’t have too much of a focus on the famous museum or its oddities. Other than the shrunken head that serves a role during the free spin round, it would be fairly easy to forget that it’s a Ripley’s branded piece.

That doesn’t mean that it’s not well designed, it’s just a slightly odd choice to focus more on the Las Vegas setting than Ripley’s itself.

Appearance and Graphics

The background is a nice depiction of the Vegas Strip, and all of the symbols are themed around classic slots. There are bells, dollar signs, 7s, cute fruit that are shaped like dice and a martini and casino chips.

There are also a mix of bonus symbols and tiles with text, the standout being the bright neon “R” for Ripley’s that acts as a wild. These classic symbols are all well-detailed and should be a nice bit of nostalgia for long-time gamblers.

The design really comes through in the small details with the sound design and animations. The background music is a typical jazz-style soundtrack that switches to higher-energy electronic music when the bonus round starts.

Typical chimes and bells sound off the wins, but they’re accompanied by a lot of nice, little animations. Even a small win sends a few Ripley’s chips flying up onto the screen.

The neon lights around the wild symbols dance, and when the bonus is just one symbol away each reel brightens up with dancing neon lights as they settle into place. The bonus wheels, card draws and trivia games are filled with nice animations that help complete the experience.

There’s a simple joy in seeing a little shrunken head peek over the top of a card as you’re deciding whether to flip it.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not: Core Gameplay

The core gameplay of Amazing Ripley’s is fairly simple. It’s a 5-reel slot machine with 27 paylines. Players do not have the option to play any less.

There is also a required feature bet worth 23x the line bet for every spin. It doesn’t hurt quite as bad as it might seem, since the features tend to come up fairly often.

All paylines have to start on the left side of the game and move to the right to trigger. There are wild symbols available in the base game, with the “R” symbol able to fill in for anything except the feature symbols.

Aside from the many bonus features, there is a simple extra feature for normal spins. During any spin in the base game, reel 3 can have a special wild symbol land on it.

If the fireworks “Extra Wilds” symbol lands on the 3rd reel, it launches little fireworks out to change 1, 2 or 3 other spaces into wilds. It will not override any bonuses though. This is a great way to at least set up a few small payouts.

The normal game is mostly a fun, little diversion between the bonus features. There’s just not a lot of money waiting on the reels.

Breaking even on a single payline requires an amazing 5 double 7s. Most of the wins are for nickels and dimes. In fairness, it’s common to trigger multiple wins at once and they can stack up to make for alright paydays.

Overall, the normal game is just going to be a slow drain while players wait for a shot at a bonus feature. Even the jackpots are hiding within the bonus games.

The Many Bonus Games

The slot machine Amazing Ripley’s Believe It Or Not is jammed full of great bonus games. There are 3 separate bonus games available, although they all start with the Mystery Pick.

During any normal spin, players can get Mystery Pick spaces on any of the five reels. Getting at least 3 symbols in any combination on the reels is enough to start the bonus round.

With 3 symbols, players get to choose 1 card out of a set of 3 to determine what game they’ll play.

It’s possible to get the trivia game, the bronze bonus wheel or 7 free spins.

Getting 4 symbols upgrades the rewards, adds a 250x line bet instant payout card and lets players pick until they get two bonus games.

The instant payout doesn’t count as a game, so getting it is a straight bonus.

Managing to get 5 Mystery Pick symbols upgrades the bonus game rewards and includes 500x and 750x line bet instant payouts, with the bonus going until the player plays all 3 bonus games.

Wheel Bonus Feature

The Wheel Bonus is a simple bonus that ties into the other games heavily. There are 4 different wheels available.

Getting 3, 4 or 5 Mystery Pick symbols respectively starts players on the Bronze, Silver or Gold wheel. The Diamond wheel can only be reached by landing on the upgrade wedge on the Gold wheel.

Each wheel has a mix of rewards, including immediate cash payouts based on the line bet and a jackpot that corresponds to the wheel ranging from 2,000x the line bet at Bronze to 50,000x the line bet for Diamond.

The lower wheels all have advance wedges that send players up to the next tier of wheel if landed on. There are also spaces that trigger the Trivia or Vegas Spins bonus games with slightly better rewards than players would have received if they just started them in that tier’s Mystery Pick. Once the wheel stops, the player get their reward and the Wheel Bonus ends.

Ripley’s Trivia Bonus Game

The Ripley’s Trivia bonus game is probably the most interesting take on a free slot machine bonus game. Players can start the game by picking it in the Mystery Pick, or landing on the Trivia space on the bonus wheel.

Players are given a question and a set of 4 potential answers. The questions cover a wide range of general knowledge, including quotes, state facts or odd bits of history. There are “Zap” and “Tally” mo
difiers available, which can randomly be added on during the Mystery Pick game.

They’re always added if the game triggers from the Wheel Bonus. Zap zaps away one of the wrong answers from the set, and Tally adds statistics which show what percentages of players picked each answer as their first guess. Zap tends to be a lot more useful than Tally since it doesn’t rely on who’s recently played the game.

Note that the Trivia Bonus is fairly generous. Getting the question right is just a bonus. Players are allowed to keep guessing until they pick all 3 wrong answers.

Each wrong answer removes 10% of the prize for the round, with a total bust still being worth 70% of the original total.

The total reward depends on how the game was triggered. Triggering it with 3, 4 or 5 Mystery Pick symbols respectively starts it at 1,000x-1,500x, 2,000x and 4,000x the total bet.

Getting it on the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond bonus wheels starts it respectively at 1,500x, 2,500x, 5,000x and 10,000x the total bet. Once players get the right answer or exhaust all of the wrong answers, the prize is awarded and the round ends.

Vegas Spins Bonus Round

The third bonus game is the Vegas Spins Bonus, which offers free spins with a few extra features. This can also be triggered through either the Mystery Pick or the Wheel Bonus.

Getting it through 3, 4 or 5 Mystery Pick symbols starts the player with 7, 9 or 12 free spins.

The Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond tiers of the Bonus Wheel respectively give players 7, 9, 12 or 15 free spins along with a bonus Free Peek.

The free spins will use the line bet that triggered the bonus round to set the paytable.

The biggest twist to the free spins is that all wild symbols lock into place during the bonus round. Even better is the fact that the extra wilds feature can still trigger if players get a fireworks symbol in reel 3. These wilds will also lock into place once they appear.

Note that the locked wilds don’t completely block the space, and bonus symbols can still appear and trigger behind them.

Naturally, this is a pretty good reward because even with just 7 spins the reels can end up loaded with wild symbols for easy payouts.

It is also possible to get more free spins, by getting at least 3 Vegas Spins tiles anywhere on the reels. Getting 3, 4 or 5 tiles respectively adds 5, 7 or 10 free spins to the counter. Wilds stay locked in place for the new spins too.

2nd Chance Card Bonus

As one last twist, the Vegas Spins Bonus always ends with the 2nd Chance Card Bonus. Players can pick between 4 cards to get either 100x, 150x or 200x their line bet or 3 more free spins.

Getting 3 more free spins on reels that are already loaded with wilds can be a great way to get a huge payout. Making it a little more interesting is the Free Peek feature. During the free spins, a Free Peek symbol can appear on the 3rd reel. If it does, it adds to the Free Peek counter and then switches into a wild symbol that locks in place.

During the 2nd Chance Card Bonus, players start the game by using their free peeks to reveal what’s behind the cards.

Obviously getting 3 means that players can guarantee that they get the free spins, but even just getting one can help even the odds.

The 2nd Chance Card Bonus only triggers once though. Even if players get 3 more free spins the game ends once they finish.

An Amazing Game

The Amazing Ripley’s Believe It Or Not online slot is an incredible game for any player that loves bonus games. The game does an amazing job of mixing in really fun features with great payouts. It’s perfect for anyone who’s feeling a little bored with normal slots.

The basic slots and design aren’t bad, but the bonuses are the obvious draw. The elephant in the room is that these bonuses do come at a premium. The RTP is only 94.37%. Players looking for a long session with optimized wins should move along, but anyone who doesn’t mind a little more risk for some great bonus opportunities should give it a shot.