Pop-Up Casino Could Be Coming To Las Vegas Soon

Written By Marc Meltzer on May 5, 2023
Nevada Gaming Control Board approves pop-up casino in Clark County

A pop-up casino could be coming to Las Vegas. During its most recent meeting, the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) recommended the approval of a temporary gaming license for slot machines on vacant land near the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Century Gaming Technologies subsidiary United Coin Machine requested a pop-up casino on land owned by Marriott International. This casino will allow the Marriott land to remain zoned for a casino in the future.

The temporary casino will open on Convention Center Drive and Paradise Road if the NGCB recommendation is approved by the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC) during its May 18th meeting. Approval for the pop-up casino is expected.

Pop-up casino offers an “Only In Vegas” experience

Pop-up casinos take place in Las Vegas when undeveloped landowners look to keep the property zoned for gaming. It happens more frequently than some may think.

For land in Clark County to remain zoned for gaming, the company holding the license must offer gaming for at least eight hours every 18 months. If the land owner fails to adhere to this requirement they could lose their ability to offer gaming in the future.

This pop-up casino will be open for eight hours beginning at 6 am on May 23. The tent housing this temporary casino will
have just 16 slot machines. These are the minimum requirements to keep land zoned for gaming.

While unimpressive looking, pop-up casinos make for a unique “Only In Vegas” experience.

Marriott’s pop-up casino has been around for 17 years

Marriott owns the land where the pop-up Las Vegas casino will operate. The company owns most of the land on this street.

This land used to be home to The Beach nightclub. Marriott purchased the land after the nightclub closed in 2006.

Marriott fears that the value of this land would decrease if it no longer includes a gaming license. The company has been offering a pop-up casino in this area every 18 months for the past 17 years to keep the land zoned for gaming.

There are no plans for a full-time casino in this area right now. That could change in the future and that’s why Marriott continues to repeatedly offer a pop-up casino in this neighborhood.

Marriott operates five hotels and about 1,000 hotel rooms in the area. The hotel brands in the area are:

  1. Marriott
  2. Courtyard
  3. Residence Inn
  4. Renaissance
  5. Springhill Suites

The only land in the area not owned by Marriott is where the Las Vegas Convention Center and Piero’s Italian Cuisine stand.

Between the various hotel brands, Marriott owns 16 acres of land in the area.

At some point, the company would like to consolidate everything to make one large resort. Keeping the land zoned for gaming will give the operator the option to offer a full Las Vegas casino-resort experience.

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