Here’s What’s Planned For Problem Gambling Awareness Month

Written By Katarina Vojvodic on March 1, 2023
20th NCPG Responsible Gambling Campaign

Every year, the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) and the US gambling industry dedicates March as Problem Gambling Awareness Month (PGAM). This time, the 2023 PGAM campaign theme is “Celebrating 20 Years,” with the following goals:

  • To increase public awareness of problem gambling and the availability of prevention, treatment and recovery services
  • To encourage healthcare providers to screen clients for problem gambling

The grassroots campaign features numerous in-person and virtual PGAM events organized by participants nationwide. Everyone is welcome to join as well as follow the campaign on Twitter (#PGAM2023).

PGAM campaign raises public awareness of the need for responsible gambling

The PGAM campaign mostly depends on the participation of NCPG state affiliates, but it also gathers organizational and individual members. These include:

  • State health agencies
  • Gambling companies
  • Recovery groups
  • Healthcare providers

To increase public awareness of problem gambling and the availability of prevention, treatment and recovery services, groups across America will:

  • Hold conferences
  • Air Public Service Announcements

  • Provide counselor training
  • Host health screening days
  • Run social media campaigns

What’s on the PGAM 2023 agenda?

The PGAM event calendar features numerous happenings related to responsible gambling and problem gambling. Starting today, those who are interested can join any of the following events, including:

  • Mar. 1: Chocolate Party @ CORE-Center of Recovery
  • Mar. 7: Twitter Chat Tuesdays with @EvergreenCPG @ (available every Tuesday in March)
  • Mar. 10: Problem Gambling 101 – Free Webinar @ Zoom
  • Mar. 14: Webinar: Growing Trends in Gaming and Gambling and Today’s Emerging Adults @ Hosted via Zoom
    • CommuniCare Bettor Choice Program Gambling Screening @ Walter Brooks Halfway House
  • Mar. 16: Cowlitz Community Education Dinner on Responsible Gaming @ Longview
  • Mar. 17: Gaming and Gambling Addiction in the Digital Age: Braving a New World of Addiction – Free Webinar @ Zoom
    • Gambling Disorder and Co-occurring Problems @ Online Webinar
  • Mar. 23: Nevada State Conference on Problem Gambling @ Suncoast Hotel
  • Mar. 24: Kids Don’t Gamble, Do They? Yes, and Here is Why You Should Pay Attention – Free Webinar @ Zoom
    • Gambling, Finances, and Money Matters with Dan Trolaro @ Online Webinar
    • Cowlitz Community Education Dinner on Responsible Gaming @ Tukwila
  • Mar. 25: Cultural Communities Symposium on Problem Gambling and Mental Health @ Wilder Center Auditorium
  • Mar. 26: Sharing Joyfully in Our Recovery @ Tulalip Tribes Resort
  • Mar. 29: Perspectives on the Impact of Sports Betting on Mind, Body, and Brain with Tim Fong MD @ Online Webinar
  • Mar. 31: Seniors at Risk: Gambling in Older Adults – Free Webinar @ Zoom

You can explore the event calendar to learn more about each event held nationwide.

Gambling Disorder Screening Day (Mar. 14) supports healthcare providers

The NCPG encourages healthcare providers to participate in Gambling Disorder Screening Day scheduled for Mar. 14. It is a high-profile, problem gambling awareness activity hosted by the Cambridge Health Alliance.

The event aims to educate and support healthcare workers in screening for gambling disorders.

The organizers also provided the Gambling Disorder Screening Day Toolkit. It comes with additional information, educational materials, and other resources about problem gambling and gambling disorder.

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