Wheel of Fortune On Tour Slot Machine

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Wheel of Fortune On Tour Slot Machine

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Wheel of Fortune: On Tour Review

The Wheel of Fortune brand needs very little introduction. The classic game show has spread around the world, offering plenty of prizes for any potential puzzle solvers.

IGT’s Wheel of Fortune on Tour slot machine game recreates some of the show’s classic elements, with prize wheels and big surprises. Even players who aren’t fans of the program will enjoy that the game is stuffed full of bonus features and rounds, which only expand over time thanks to the included Level Up Plus system.

If there is one disappointment, it would probably be the graphics. This is officially based on Wheel of Fortune’s touring segments when the show would travel across the country for special tapings. Because of this, the symbols aren’t particularly relevant to Wheel of Fortune.

Most of the spaces just feature basic Americana with images of landmarks including The Alamo, Mount Rushmore, the Liberty Bell, the Statue of Liberty and a Hollywood star. There are also keys, a map and the Route 66 sign for a little travel theming.

Only the wild space featuring the wheel itself is related to the game. That said, the transitions into the map and bonus games are lovely, and the bonus wheel itself looks good.

The music should please any fans. The general Wheel of Fortune theme plays during the main game, and other music cues play for the bonus games. For example, when the bonus wheel comes up you can hear the crowd shout “Wheel of Fortune” just like they would in a real episode.

There are also a few fun sound effects to match the theme of the winning symbols, with honks, engine noises and a few chords of regional music available.

Wheel of Fortune On Tour: Core Gameplay

The main game is a fairly simple slot machine game. There are five reels and three rows, and there are 30 paylines in play. It is not possible for the player to choose to pay for fewer paylines, and there is an additional 20 credit bet for the features.

It takes three matches on a payline left-to-right to trigger a win. The Wheel of Fortune wheel symbol acts as a wild space and it is the highest paying symbol, with five-in-a-row paying 2,500x the line bet.

Extra Wins Awarded by Random

One particularly fun feature of the base game is the Wheelmobile Wilds feature. It’s almost a consolation prize, which can potentially trigger on any spin that does not have a bonus space in the first reel.

When it does trigger, the Wheelmobile crosses the screen as the reels spin and picks up to four symbols to turn into wilds.

Generally, this means somewhere between one and four wilds spread across the board, although more are possible. This can lead to some really big payouts if the wilds form 5-of-a-kind connections.

The general game has a focus on smaller payouts to stretch out a player’s bankroll. While there are some moderate wins in the mix, generally the sets of three and four just keep things even.

The Wheelmobile Wilds and the occasional lucky wild help with bigger wins, but the core of the game is about hitting the bonus round and unlocking the higher paying games.

Bonus Rounds: Levelling Up

It’s impossible to talk about the bonus rounds without covering the Level Up Plus system in the game. IGT’s slot game Wheel of Fortune On Tour uses a levelling system that unlocks additional features through long-term play, with each new tier increasing the game’s payback.

Levels should stay persistent across multiple sessions, which is good because it takes a lot of levelling up to hit the highest tier.

During regular gameplay, Wheelmobile bonus spaces can appear in the first, third or fifth reels. Any bonus symbol that appears and doesn’t trigger a bonus round helps fill the fuel tank.

It takes 10 symbols to completely fill the tank and add a full tank of gas to the counter. When all three bonus spaces appear, the tank fills and the game transitions to the map. Any stored fuel tanks are used to move the Wheelmobile along the board and increase the player’s level. The player then moves on to the bonus wheel.

180 Different Levels Packed with Different Features

At the starting tier, the bonus wheel is fairly simple. Each space has a credit value, and whichever wedge the wheel lands on will be multiplied by the coin value/line bet and paid.

The highest value space is worth 10,000x. As the player gains levels, some of the wedges are replaced with new features. Landing on these special wedges will open the new bonus game.

Before covering those, note that three tiers do not add new games but do impact the bonus wheel. Therefore, the third tier, at level 13, triples the chance of getting the 10,000x space.

Reaching level 45 unlocks the fifth tier, which adds a multipler to the wheel. This space will have a random multiplier between 2x and 5x, and landing on it lets the player spin again for a multiplied credit win.

The highest tier, at level 150, boosts the chance of triggering the bonus game by adding a mystery chance that it will trigger just for a bonus symbol appearing in the third or fifth reel.

Extra Bonus Features with Different Tiers

A free spins game is added to the bonus wheel once the player reaches level five. Landing on this gives the player three free spins. While this may not sound like a lot, the spins are on a modified game.

On the first spin, one symbol is chosen to become an extra wild. The second and third spins both change a symbol to a wild too. Even if this doesn’t guarantee a big win, it does have a good chance of really loading up the free spins with wild spaces. It is not possible to get more free spins in this mode though.

Once the player reaches level 25, the Letter Board Picker game is added to the bonus wheel. In this game, the words “Wheel of Fortune” are shown on the puzzle board. Players start with three picks and a 1x multiplier and pick one letter at a time.

Flipping a letter over will reveal one of three types of spaces. Some spaces have credit amounts between 50 and 500. Others reward one extra pick and 50 credits, or one extra pick and an increase on the multiplier.

Lucky players can get up to 10 picks with a 5x multiplier. When the player is out of
picks the game ends and pays out the credits award multiplied by the multiplier and the coin value that triggered the game.

The final unlocked bonus game comes at level 80. The Spin To Win game adds an extra wheel with an extra way to play for it all. Inspired by the previous design for the final round of the show, players pick a letter in the word “Wheel” and reveal a top value. This can be between 1,500 and 20,000.

You will be able to spin the bonus wheel. When the wheel stops you have a choice to either accept that payout or try again. Trying again replaces the wedge with a special 50 value spot.  As a result, if you land on this you will be forced to accept it and the game is over. The round continues until you accept your winnings or hit a 50 credit wedge.

Final Thoughts

It should be easy to see that this is one very big game. Wheel of Fortune on Tour slots has a lot going for it. While the slots themselves don’t have too much of a game show feel, the rest of the experience is packed full of fun surprises and bonus rounds.

It feels like there’s something here for all types of players. The fun, flashy excitement is perfect for beginners, and veteran players should love the great bonus rounds and Wheelmobile Wilds.