Ghostbusters Spectral Search Slot Game

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Ghostbusters Spectral Search Slot Game

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If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of the effort to take down the enormous Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, now’s your chance. IGT’s Ghostbusters™ Spectral Search is a creative adventure-type slot machine that lets you search through preset locations and find a variety of g
hosts and specters haunting the game.

This slot machine is home to amazing settings and graphics, fantastic and fun animations, and extremely involved gameplay that gives a perfect return of enjoyment for cost.

What makes Ghostbusters™ Spectral Search slot great

Ghostbusters™ Spectral Search isn’t a traditional slot machine by any means. The developers tried something new instead, and it worked. Some of the best features of this machine include:

  • Gameplay: This slot machine avoids the typical pitfall of slot machine gameplay. You’re very involved in every decision and action, and each play takes a good amount of time.
  • Visuals: You’ll notice new things in the background and animations every time you play this slot machine. It’s all very detailed and creative.
  • Mr. Stay Puft-sized payout potential: Finding all of the pieces of Mr. Stay Puft will earn you 15,000x your initial wager.

How Ghostbusters™ Spectral Search slot could improve

There isn’t much to improve with this slot. The only area that might be refined is:

  • Bonus features: There aren’t any bonus features in this slot machine. It could benefit from a few added ones, such as free plays or ghost interactions.

Ghostbusters™ Spectral Search specs

Name Ghostbusters? Spectral Search
Software IGT
RTP% 85% – 93%
Volatility High
Min/Max B
$1.00 – $10
# of Paylines N/A
Max Payout 15,000x
Max Free Spins N/A
Bonus Features N/A
Theme Ghostbusters

Free and Real Money IGT Slots

How to play Ghostbusters™ Spectral Search slot online

There’s a free version of this slot machine available on this page. Open the game, select a ticket price, and start your search. You’ll be given six options of where to look, and each option will tell you which two ghosts can potentially appear there multiple times. Once you choose your location, you’ll see a 3×3 grid. Choose five of the places in the grid, and if you find a ghost, it’ll be added to your list at the top of the screen. Filling out the checkmarks next to a specific ghost will earn the reward, and locating Slimer is an instant win. After you finish looking through your first location, you can choose a second and follow the same steps.

The real-money slot version of Ghostbusters™ Spectral Search can be found with several online casinos, such as Stars Casino and Golden Nugget. Before deciding which of the casinos to use, you should consider the positives of each. Stars offers regular free spin and cash rewards for frequent players, daily slot races with huge prize pools, and a chest rewards program. It also gives you a live slot machine option, where real people play physical slot machines in your place. Golden Nugget has a reward point system that gives free plays, credits, and comp dollars. These can be used both online and in physical locations. Look for the latest sign up offers on our casino bonus page. For more info on the best casinos to consider, see the reviews posted below.

Bonuses and jackpots for Ghostbusters™ Spectral Search (Rating of 2/5)

This slot machine’s bonus features is absolutely its weakest point. There aren’t any of them, which is almost unheard of for modern slots. The only reason the game earns a 2/5 rating in this section is because of the insanely high jackpot payout. If you find all four pieces of Mr. Stay Puft in one play, you’ll earn 15,000x your initial bet.

Ghostbusters™ Spectral Search graphics and visuals (Rating of 5/5)

From the moment the game starts loading on your screen, you can tell that Ghostbusters™ Spectral Search has amazing and detailed visuals. You’re treated to a static scene of your character facing off against some ghosts you’ll find in the game. Then, you move on to the outside of the game’s main setting: a tall city building with a police car outside. You head into the building and find six completely unique rooms to search, including a fully furnished dining room, a fancy hall, a library filled with stacks of books, and a grand staircase. Even the slot’s “how to play” menu has its own background.

This slot also treats you to many fun and cool animations. The device you’re using to find the ghosts has blinking lights and specter detectors, red lasers blast the rooms to search for ghosts, and lightning sucks those spirits into your device. Each ghost even has its own animation to taunt you if you miss them.

Ghostbusters™ Spectral Search gameplay (Rating of 5/5)

This machine’s gameplay is a totally unique and innovative experience. While most slots require you to spin the reels and watch, this game lets you choose rooms to go into and search for ghosts yourself. You’re involved in everything the game does, and it’s very clear about when and how you’ve won. For people who don’t want to be involved in the gameplay, there’s even an auto search function.

Overall rating for Ghostbusters™ Spectral Search by IGT (Rating of 4/5)

Ghostbusters™ Spectral Search by IGT boasts spectacular and creative gameplay, a gigantic jackpot, and a vast amount of stellar aesthetics. The only thing holding this game back from a perfect score is the complete lack of bonus features. We give this game a 4/5 rating, and it could be easily elevated with added bonuses, such as a free play feature.