Free Pop Slots Chips

Pop Slots is a popular mobile game that offers entertaining social elements. It lets you compete against other slot players for rewards at MGM Resorts properties (MGM Grand, for example). Of course, you need chips to enter slots tournaments and win prizes. This page discusses how to pick up extra Pop Slots chips so that you don’t run out. It also covers how you can avoid any scams when pursuing deals.

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Is there any way to get free chips at Pop Slots?

You have multiple options for collecting free chips for Pop Slots. The most common method involves finding a website that offers free chip bonuses. These sites typically deal in coupons and special deals for Las Vegas. You can score 1 to 2 million chips through such sites. Here are the steps to take:

  1. Make sure your Android or iOS mobile device is handy (Pop Slots deals are mobile-only).
  2. Download the Pop Slots app and link it to your Facebook account (this saves the chips you receive).
  3. Visit a relevant website that’s offering a free chip deal (for instance, MyVegasAdvisor).
  4. Look for a link to free Pop Slots chips.
  5. Wait for a new window/page to open.
  6. Select the link on the new page to visit the Pop Slots app.
  7. Once on the app, you choose the “Collect” option to get your free chips.

You can continue selecting available deals and going for more chips, so don’t stop at just one bonus. Just be sure to close your previous Pop Slots window before going after a new deal. You won’t qualify if a previous session is still running.

The good news about these offers is that they’re free. You simply need to follow the steps above to collect more chips. The only catch is that you’ll have to watch forced advertisements upon visiting the Pop Slots app.

However, these ads aren’t so bad if you’re into social gaming. You’ll commonly see a Pop Slots deal that offers 52 million chips for $10. Other promotional ads are for bingo and other games.

Sites that offer free Pop Slots chips

Again, various websites offer 1 to 2 million free chips for Pop Slots. You don’t have to stop at free deals, though, because other bonuses are available, too. The aforementioned promotion where you can get 52 million chips for $10 is common. You’ll likely find other offers, too, depending on how many websites you visit.

It’s important, however, to be careful when chasing Pop Slots bonuses. Some sites that offer promotions also contain malicious links. You could end up with malware or a virus on your device from selecting the wrong links.

Apps claiming to give you free Pop Slots chips

You especially want to avoid third-party apps that offer free Pop Slots coins. You may come across such apps during your hunt for deals. Proceed with extreme caution before downloading and signing up for anything.

Such apps, which are mainly common on Android devices, ask you to opt-in and share certain information. You’ll probably be uncomfortable sharing sensitive info with random parties. Worse yet, these (mostly) Android apps may put malware on your smartphone or tablet.

The best plan is to stick with websites that send you directly to Pop Slots. As we mentioned, you should download the Pop Slots app before seeking Pop Slots free coins. Legitimate sites will send you to that app, where you can claim chips after watching ads.

Invite your friends

Do you have Fa
cebook friends who enjoy playing social slots? You can receive chips if they accept your invitation to play Pop Slots.

You simply need to invite your Facebook friends to play. Alternatively, you can invite them to the @Pop Slots Players Lounge to discuss the matter. This option gives you a chance to talk them into playing. You’ll receive free chips for every friend who joins.

Other ways to get free chips on Pop Slots

Visiting links and inviting friends are just two methods for acquiring free Pop Slots chips. Plenty of other options exist, too, including the following:

1. Check your email

You’ll begin receiving promotional emails after joining Pop Slots. These emails can include free chip offers and other deals. You can check your spam folder if you’re not getting promos regularly. And if you want to receive them, select the option that emails from [email protected] should always go to your inbox.

2. Play in Pop Slots tournaments

Pop Slots tourneys feature up to 31 players. The goal is to best your friends/opponents and earn the most chips. Even when you don’t win, you’ll still receive a consolation prize in the form of more chips.

3. Pick up daily bonuses

Pop Slots offers extra chips on a daily basis. You just need to make sure that you’re claiming these deals whenever they’re available. The process is quick, easy and worth the effort.

4. Watch for time bonuses

Similar to daily deals, a time bonus becomes available every two hours. You probably don’t have the spare time to keep picking up these bonuses all day. You can, however, receive plenty of additional chips by paying attention to the two-hour window.

5. Pop bonus balloons

You’ll see community bonus balloons appear while playing slots. Popping the balloons can grant you Pop Slots free chips, XP and/or loyalty points.

Do Pop Slots hacks exist?

Most methods for obtaining free Pop Slots chips are simple and easy to use. Be careful of anything that appears to be too easy, though.

We’ve seen “generator” sites that claim to deliver up to 1 billion free chips. Such sites could contain the aforementioned malware, so be careful.

Supposedly, Pop Slots cheat codes exist to get more wild symbols and free spins. We have yet to see any evidence of these codes. If they do exist, they likely require extensive knowledge to put into application. We don’t see a need for Pop Slots hacks when there are already numerous ways to get free chips.

How to not run out of chips on Pop Slots

Pop Slots offers various deals involving free chips. As we mentioned, you can get over 50 million chips for just $10. You don’t necessarily have to spend money, though, just to keep your bankroll up. The following Pop Slots tips will help preserve your stack as you chase MGM Resorts rewards.

1. Be mindful of your bankroll

As with regular real money casino games, you want to pay attention to your Pop Slots bankroll. We suggest maintaining your bankroll at a certain level to avoid running dry. For example, you might set a goal of always having at least 1 million chips. When your funds are dwindling, you can increase your efforts to get free chips.

2. Set a stop-loss limit

A stop-loss limit is a predetermined point at which you’ll quit a slots session based on losses. You could, for example, choose a stop loss of 500,000 chips per session. You’d then walk away from the game for at least a day if you lose 500K chips. This approach can help extend your bankroll and prolong your entertainment.

3. Don’t stop going for free chips

Pop Slots and associated websites offer no shortage of ways to obtain extra chips. You can pursue multiple avenues for getting chips on any given day. Daily bonuses, time bonuses, emails, balloons and refer-a-friend deals are some of the best options.

4. Make sure your previous window is closed

You can collect free chips by visiting third-party websites with affiliate deals. You’ll have to close the previous session, though, each time that you go for another free bundle.

5. Set a timer for the 2-hour bonuses

Two-hour bonuses provide a great way to claim additional chips. Of course, you’ll need the dedication to get these deals on a consistent basis. We suggest setting your phone alarm every two hours as a reminder. You might also set your alarm for five to 10 minutes before the deals to ensure that you get them on time.