Online Casino Games

Online Casino Games

The potential to win money might be the main incentive for playing casino games, but there are more than a few reasons why you should try them for free. You may want to brush up on your blackjack strategies, see if you like a new video slot title, or simply play a few rounds of roulette just for fun.

Whatever your reasons for playing free casino games, you?ll be glad to know that you can find these titles all over the web. This page will discuss which types of casino games you can play without paying a cent, how to choose the right ones and what the advantages are of playing for free.

Almost every type of online casino game is available to play for free, including free blackjack games. Many real money casinos allow players to try the games in demo mode, while there are also plenty of social casino sites where games don?t require deposits of real money.

Here are some of the most popular free casino games you might run into:

Which casino game is right for me?

What you should choose as your go-to casino game depends on several things. Do you just want to have fun, or are you looking to learn various strategies? Are you satisfied with small wins, or are you on a hunt for a life-changing jackpot? Do you like taking small risks, or do you consider yourself a high-roller?

Once you have answers to all of these questions, selecting the right game will be easy. Regardless of your choice, you should always play on legal casino sites and look for rewarding bonuses with optimal wagering requirements.

As for games, here is a list of some of the most popular ones and the types of players they are best suited for:

  • Blackjack ? Taking time to learn the optimal strategy really pays off when playing blackjack. The individual wins might not be for that much, but if you?re patient, you can build a sizable profit over a longer period.
  • Roulette ? Roulette is all about taking risks. The good news is that you can decide whether you want to risk big or small, as you?re able to place all sorts of bets, including taking multiple bets in a single round.
  • Video poker ? Having a strategy is key in video poker. If you know which cards to keep and which ones to discard, you will minimize your risks and even create a negative house edge in certain variations.
  • Slots ? If you like luck-based fast-paced games with colorful graphics, you should look no further than video slots. Those trying to win big should go for slots with progressive jackpots.
  • Keno ? Keno is a numbers game similar to bingo. It?s a laid-back, low-stakes game ideal for casual players.
  • Table games ? Apart from blackjack and roulette, common table games include baccarat, craps, sic bo and poker.
  • Live dealer games ? Live dealer games are the same as table games, but they usually require larger stakes, making them more suitable for high-rollers.

Slot games

You can find thousands of slots available for free play. They are dynamic, colorful and fun luck-based games with simple rules. There are massive progressive slots?linking machines across the country. There are also?video slots?with?bonus games all based on pop culture icons from the world of TV, movies and music. There even are a few?classic machines?in the mix at most casinos, for players with a taste for nostalgia.

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Blackjack games

Blackjack is a famous card game where the goal is to beat the dealer by reaching a total card value of 21. This is one of only a few casino games that you can play using a viable strategy. There are several varieties of the game at US casinos. These games vary based on various rules or payout differences.

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Roulette games

This is another game of chance that is available on almost every casino site. Roulette features a variety of bets and payouts. There are numerous versions of roulette that usually differ based on the numbers or wagers available. Whether a wheel has a single or a double zero can change the odds dramatically.

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Video poker games

Unlike community poker, video poker is a single-player game where the goal is to get the best possible five-card hand. It’s still fun even when you play video poker for free because there?s a certain degree of skill involved. Most casinos offer traditional video poker titles, including Jacks or Better, Double Bonus Poker and Deuces Wild. In recent years, three- and five-play versions of video poker have grown more popular. The appeal is that these games give players the chance to play multiple hands at the same time.

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Virtual games

A game that combines the elements of video games and sports. Virtual games are not as popular as some of the other entries on this list, but there are still plenty of casino sites that feature them in their collections.

Live dealer casino games

Most table and card games are available in live dealer form. You can join the action via live streams, with professional dealers running the play.

Unfortunately, live dealer games are only reserved for real money players. You might be able to observe the gameplay for free, but you likely won?t be able to play without a deposit.

Out of all live dealer games, these four are player favorites:

  • Blackjack ? This is the easiest game to find in live dealer form. A casino that features live blackjack will likely offer more than several variations of the game on dozens of tables.
  • Roulette ? American, European and French roulette are all available with the live dealer, in addition to auto and immersive roulette.
  • Baccarat ? Baccarat is another c
    lassic game that almost every live casino library includes.
  • Three card poker ? This is the simplest and most popular live poker game.

Real money vs. free games

Some would say that playing casino games for free is pointless, as you won?t be able to win any money. However, they definitely have their purpose. Of course, real money games have their own set of benefits, as well.

With that said, here are the advantages of playing both real money and free casino games so that you can decide which ones suit you at the moment.

Real-Money Casino Games Free Casino Games
Potential to win money No pressure of losing
Playing with extra money through casino bonuses Ability to test the games out without taking risks
Higher level of competition when playing against other players Learning the rules of particular games
More games to choose from Great for practicing and preparing your strategy

What are the best casino games to play?

Every casino game has its pros and cons, so there isn?t really a clear answer to this question. It all depends on what you?re looking for.

Video slots are great for entertainment, as they add themes and snappy visuals to the mix. Also, progressive slots have the highest rewards out of all casino games, with jackpots commonly going over a few million dollars.

If you?re looking for less risky games with a low house edge, the best options would be blackjack, baccarat and video poker. However, if you plan on using optimal strategies for these games, note that it will take a lot of time before you may be able to win a lot of money.

Those who want a little more variety in their play should go for games such as roulette and craps. These are completely luck-based, but they include a range of low- and high-risk bets, which makes them non-repetitive and exciting.

Top 5 casino games to play online

  1. Divine Fortune slots: This title is not available in live casinos. It has a massive progressive jackpot, making it one of the most popular slots at state-licensed online casinos. The theme is based on Greek myths, making for an atmospheric game. There is plenty to keep you engaged, including falling wilds, free spins and (if you play for real money), that progressive mega jackpot.
  2. Empire Action bingo: While the best online bingo games come under the Slingo brand, these are not available for demo play. If you like to relax with online bingo or keno, Empire Action is a great option. This game lets you pick from different cards, each with color-coded numbers and patterns to keep things varied. Once you select your cards, click the big ?play? button, sit back and enjoy the action.
  3. Virtual racing: If you are a fan of horse racing, motorsports or soccer, then you don?t need to wait for a real race or game to enjoy some free-play gambling action. Virtual sports have listings at many online casinos. You can bet on sports, which appear in very realistic videos above the bet slip. You?ll be cheering on your virtual horses before you know it.
  4. 88 Fortunes slot: This ShuffleMaster title is one of the most popular Asian-themed slots. It has been duplicated by about every (live) slot studio around. You can enjoy the demo game online for free. There is a free spins bonus with multipliers, plus the jackpot picks game. While the prize will be in play money if you play for free, there is plenty to enjoy about the gameplay of this classic slot.
  5. StarBurst slots: Most of the slots that we?ve covered so far are popular live games that have been bought online. StarBurst, by NetEnt, is a hugely popular mobile slot. The gems-based format is simple and clear, with special wilds leading to respins to line up more gems. You can play this game for free, though it is a popular option for promotions, too, so look out for the chance to win some real money.

No-download casino sites vs. casino apps

There are essentially two ways you can play free casino games online. You can access these games through your browser ? simply go to the casino site of your choice and start playing. In most cases, casinos won?t require you to create an account in order to try their games for free, but even if they do, you won?t need to lay down a deposit to play in demo mode.

The other option is to play via an app. Not every casino has one, but those that do have made sure to create a platform that allows for gambling on the go.

Benefits of No-Download Casino Games Benefits of Mobile Casino Games
Easier and quicker to access Free download
No need to register Mobile-friendly user experience
More games compared to mobile apps Ability to play anywhere you go
Both PC- and mobile-friendly Mobile-exclusive games not available on the site sometimes included

Don?t forget your casino bonus

You can play real money casino games for free by way of welcome bonuses. Online casino bonuses are available at most state-regulated casinos, with sweepstakes casinos also offering a range of $10 to $30 in free currency.

Our casino bonus page will provide you with a complete list of all offers. To claim this money, you will need to register for a new account and play qualifying games. Usually, table games require a lot more playthrough than slots, reflecting their lower house edge. You might also find a cap on the amount you can win with this promotional money.

With a lot of competition between the state-regulated casinos, it can pay to shop around for the best offers. Make sure that you read through the terms and conditions of each deal before you jump in.