Monopoly Lunar New Year Slot

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Monopoly Lunar New Year Slot
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Monopoly Lunar New Year is an online slot from SG Gaming, now Light & Wonder Inc. This game has many features, including two types of free spin features and an in-depth jackpot based on Monopoly. There are chests above the slots that you can activate while you play to activate most features and give slot multipliers.

Many of the symbols in this game relate to its two themes: the Lunar New Year and Monopoly. There are two ways that you can pl ay this game. You can either play with real money, or you can try the game out in demo mode, where you will get 1,000 free demo credits to see how the game works.

What makes Monopoly Lunar New Year great?

The three main features that contribute to the game are its jackpot, its free spin features, and the chests that appear above the slots.

  • Chests: Three chests swap out every spin on the first, third, and fifth reels. If you get a Monopoly coin on the board, it can flip over to reveal either a multiplier, a crescent moon, or a full moon. The symbols must be below one of the chests to activate. A crescent moon will get you a chest, a full moon will get you all the chests, and the multiplier adds a random multiplier to your spin. This is how you activate the jackpot as well as the other features.
  • The jackpot in this game has you choosing random Monopoly property cards as well as upgrade cards. This activates when you get a crescent moon token under the jackpot chest. Three upgrade tokens upgrade the jackpots by one-tier. You will get 15 picks, and depending on what cards you get, you can win upward of 2,000x your bet.
  • Free spin features. These activate when you get a crescent moon under the corresponding feature name. You receive eight free spins when this feature starts, and the coins that appear can give you one or two more for every coin. The expanding reels feature expands your reel size to either 4×6, 5×6, or 6×6. While the reels are in 6×6 form, there are 7,776 ways to win. There is a different reel set in this feature and the other free spin feature. The lunar chest feature also gives eight free spins, and the symbols in this are coins, which can award you with multipliers and free chests.

How could Monopoly Lunar New Year be better?

One way for Monopoly Lunar New Year to improve is with how relatively complex the game is to play.

  • Complexity: Monopoly Lunar New Year is a good game with many features, but it can be a bit hard to understand because of those features. With two free spin bonuses, a chest feature that can give multipliers, jackpot features and other bonuses, a complicated and different jackpot, and three types of Monopoly coins, this game may seem a bit too complex for people trying to play for the first time. All of these features are great, but it is a lot to take in at times.

Monopoly Lunar New Year slot specs

NameMonopoly Lunar New Year
SoftwareSG Gaming/Light & Wonder
Return to Player Rate95.95%
Min/Max Bet$0.20/$15
Number of PaylinesUp to 7,776
Max Payout13,771x
Max Free Spins50
Bonus FeaturesMonopoly jackpot, expanding reels, lunar chests
ThemeLunar New Year

How to play Monopoly Lunar New Year online

You can set the betting options in this game by pressing the button with coins on it on the right side of the screen. When you do this, you will be able to press a + or – button to increase or decrease your bet. This game doesn’t have a very high max bet, as the maximum that you can wager is 15.80 credits per spin.

You can play the demo version of the game, and you can play for real money by signing up at one of the safe online casinos that offer this game and making a deposit, providing you are in a state where online casino gambling is legal.

Bonus rounds and jackpots: 4/5

The jackpots and free spins in this game all trigger when you get the crescent or full moon symbols on the reels. If it is below a chest with the bonus round or jackpot name on it, the feature activates. The jackpot feature lets you choose 15 Monopoly property cards, and you can win jackpots depending on what cards you get. You can also get upgrade cards, which upgrade all jackpots to the next tier. The only thing that could be better is how complicated all of these features are — as well as how many there are — which can get confusing.

Graphics and visuals: 3/5

The visuals and graphics in this game work well. The symbols have a simple and cartoon feel to them, and some include a red pig, presents and a bag of fruit. The background is patterned red wallpaper, and the two main colors are yellow and red. The top middle of the screen has the chests, which are blue and red. One thing that would be nice to see is a bit more animation of the symbols. The symbols do animate for a split second, but we’d like more.

Gameplay for Monopoly Lunar New Year: 2.5/5

The gameplay in Lunar New Year is average. The interface is relatively easy to understand, and it is easy to see how much you have won as well as the multiplier for the spin. The thing that doesn’t work well is the fact that it is hard to tell when you have gotten a win. The reason for this is that the symbols that are part of the win will become animated, but only for a split second before returning to normal. This makes it hard to tell when and how you have won.

Overall rating for Monopoly Lunar New Year: 3.25/5

Monopoly Lunar New Year is a good game overall. There are many features, multiple free spin bonuses, and an interesting jackpot. The visuals are good but could be better with more animation, and the gameplay is av erage. The parts of this game that are the strongest are the bonus rounds and jackpot. What stood out to me was the lunar chests and coin feature that led to many multipliers and features. Monopoly Lunar New Year is a good game for those who are interested in free spins and jackpots.