Dr. Jekyll Goes Wild Slot Game

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Dr. Jekyll Goes Wild Slot Game

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Take a trip to the darkest days of Victorian London with the Dr. Jekyll Goes Wild slot machine. SG Interactive and Barcrest slots have created a machine that lets players take big risks for big payouts. Featuring fast, simple slots and a loaded bonus round, this game is perfect for a quick, high stakes session. The allure of the big bet feature is also hard to resist. Players will have to see whether Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde wins out in this back-and-forth game.

Slot Game Theme

Upon starting the game, players will be greeted by a dark backdrop of London lit only by old gas lamps. The reels are lined in chains and surrounded by liquid-filled test tubes that give the whole screen an eerie neon glow. In general, the game plays well to its theme. While the reels are in motion, players are treated to a bold, orchestral soundtrack that fits the spooky, Gothic feel of the setting. There are also nice sound effects for the electricity-themed paylines and the bubbling potions. The transitions to the bonus round and the Mr. Hyde round feature colorful hues overtaking the screen as villainous cackling occurs.

symbols play into the theme well too. While the game uses generic cards symbols of “A, K, Q, J and 10” as its lower value spaces, the letters all have a foggy look that blends in with the rest of the game. The other symbols are all inspired by the story. Players can see parchment paper journals, racks of test tubes, streetlights, a faint moon over Big Ben and a shadowy Dr. Jekyll standing near a streetlight. The bonus symbols of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are all detailed and well animated to add an extra thrill to the bonus round.

The Gameplay

Dr. Jekyll Goes Wild is a fairly simple game when it comes to the main slots. It’s a 5-reel and 3-row game with only 10 paylines. There is no option to play fewer paylines. All paylines must connect from left-to-right and players will probably want to look at the map of available paylines so they know which few sets will actually pay. There are no wild spaces in the main game. One very important thing to note when playing is that the game is geared toward higher stakes play. Specifically, according to the paytable instructions, players betting fewer than 2.00 a spin/0.20 a line will have a worse return with an RTP of 94.2%. Only players betting at least 2.00 a spin will average a good 96.2% RTP.

On a similar note, players should have enough cash on hand to weather some losses. Unsurprisingly, with only 10 paylines in play the wins don’t come as often, and they tend to be single line payouts. On the bright side, the paytable does reflect this with most symbols paying out fairly well. The only losing payline is a set of three 10’s or J’s or two Big Bens or Streetlights. Everything else will at least pay break even, and even a set of three A’s pays 20x the line bet. While decent payouts for sets of three and the payouts for two of the Jekyll logo, Big Ben or Streetlights help ease losses, players are still generally going to rely on the occasional big win to boost their bankrolls after a series of losses. Although players don’t have an explicit jackpot to hope for, getting 5 of the Dr. Jekyll logo is worth 500x the line bet.

The Bonus Round and The Big Bet

Players can hope for some big payouts on the slots, but a lot of the excitement comes from the free spin bonus round. To trigger the bonus round normally, players need to get at least 3 of the bonus symbols anywhere on the reels during a normal spin. Getting 3, 4 or 5 bonus symbols gives 10, 15 and 20 free spins respectively. Note that in the bonus game, Dr. Jekyll literally goes wild with a new Dr. Jekyll wild space taking a spot on the reels. It acts as standard wild and can fill in for any symbol on a free spin. Furthermore, it plays an important role in the bonus game.

During the free spins, the Dr. Jekyll wild space acts as a new bonus symbol. Getting at least 2 of the wild symbol rewards the player with more free spins. A set of 2, 3, 4 or 5 respectively adds 3, 10, 15 or 20 free spins to the counter. Everyone who’s been waiting to see Mr. Hyde appear should also know that he’s hiding in the bonus round. During any free spin, there’s a chance for a potion bottle to appear on the first reel. If the potion bottle appears on the same free spin as at least one Dr. Jekyll wild symbol, then the Mr. Hyde transformation takes place and the bonus round changes again.

In the Mr. Hyde bonus round, players are given “unlimited” free spins. The way this mechanic works is that the Mr. Hyde round will continue until an hourglass appears in the 5th reel. If it appears, there’s a chance that it will stop Mr. Hyde’s transformation and end the round, although there is a chance that it will let the game continue. The big reward in the Mr. Hyde round is that the Dr. Jekyll wild symbols are now Mr. Hyde wild symbols, which permanently lock into place on the reels for the duration of the Mr. Hyde round. Any Dr. Jekyll symbols that were on the reels during the triggering spin also immediately convert and lock into place. Naturally, this slowly fills the reels up with an increasing number of wild spaces to increase the chance for a big payday. Once the Mr. Hyde round ends, the player goes back to the Dr. Jekyll round to finish up any free spins that they had left.

Big Bet Mode

While it’s possible to trigger the bonus game in the main game, there’s also one more way to trigger it. At any point, players can switch to the big bet mode. This mode allows players to buy a set of 5 spins at a premium, starting at 20.00. The spins will play normally and pay out normally, but any bonus symbols on the reels will be counted toward a special Dr. Jekyll’s Trail at the top of the game instead of normally triggering anything. Players who are lucky enough to get enough bonuses across their set of 5 spins can win up to 75 free spins. Players can bet 20.00, 30.00, 40.00 or 50.00 with higher amounts requiring fewer bonus symbols and offering more free spins for fewer symbols. For example, players at the 20.00 tier with 3 symbols earn 5 free spins while players at the 50.00 tier with only 2 symbols get 10 spins. If players don’t get enough bonus symbols, then the big bet mode pays out any normal winnings and returns them to the regular game.

A Touch of Mad Science

Dr. Jekyll Goes Wild is a very fun and exciting game, that is definitely not going to be a good fit for some players. Anyone who can’t afford to play at the 2.00 per spin stake should probably avoid this machine. There are a lot of machines with a better RTP and similarly fun gameplay. Players who can afford the high stake should enjoy the fast-paced slots and the really exciting bonus game though. The big bet is also a great feature, and it’s stated 98.2% RTP is downright amazing. That said, it’s only for players who are comfortable with potentially losing a lot of money on just 5 spins. Anyone comfortable with the risk, or just not looking to play for very long, should have a great time though.