Michigan iGaming Revenue Breaks Record For Second Consecutive Month

Written By Derek Helling on May 17, 2022
IGaming Revenue Breaks Record In Michigan For A Second Month In A Row

Like someone on a road trip who treats the GPS estimated time of arrival as a time to beat, Michiganders seem to treat monthly online casino and online poker revenue reports as a challenge. April of this year saw the Michigan iGaming revenue record fall again.

It’s the second straight month in which the market has set a new standard for itself. The steady climb begs the question of when Michigan could put itself on equal footing with other iGaming states.

Another Michigan iGaming revenue record

The previous record didn’t stand for long. In March of this year, Michigan online casino and MI online poker channels combined to report $131.7 million in gross gaming revenue (GGR). April’s total came to $132.4 million, besting March’s total by half a percent.

The new record is more impressive in comparison to the same month last year. In April of 2021, Michigan iGaming GGR was $94.9 million. That means this year’s version of April saw an increase of 39.5%.

Despite having one less day to collect revenue during April as opposed to March, Michigan’s iGaming pla
tforms collected $4.4 million in GGR per day. From that revenue, they paid the state a total of $33.6 million.

PlayMichigan reports that BetMGM once again led the way with $50 million in GGR from its iGaming products. FanDuel came next, however, not a close second. FanDuel’s GGR for April of this year came to $21 million.

Will Michiganders’ love of BetMGM Casino and other iGaming products eventually lead it to be the top market in the US? They have some work to do if that’s their goal.

New Jersey, Pennsylvania still stand tall

Michigan still has peers to aspire to in terms of monthly iGaming GGR. For instance, Pennsylvania set a new US record for online casino/online poker revenue in a single month in March of this year with $142.7 million.

New Jersey‘s single-month iGaming GGR record is $137.8 million, set in January of this year. Thus, Michigan could approach that number should these modest gains continue consistently.

However, there’s no sign that the markets in New Jersey or Pennsylvania are slowing down. Thus, increases of a half-percent month-over-month might not be enough to close the gap, even if they do happen reliably.

If the increases do keep happening, though, that will make news of new Michigan iGaming revenue records quite humdrum. Given Michiganders’ appetite for online gambling, the extraordinary could become quite ordinary.

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