What Game Show-Themed Online Casinos Should Follow Wheel Of Fortune?

Written By Derek Helling on June 22, 2022
Game show themes as online casinos

BetMGM and IGT might have hit on the next big thing in online gaming. At the very least, their collaboration on a forthcoming Wheel of Fortune Casino platform opens the hypothetical door to a slew of other game show slots following similar paths.

Whether that door is now open to a treasure trove or a Pandora’s Box is the pertinent question. Some of the current game shows that have been converted to online slots could lend themselves toward an entire iGaming platform better than others.

What makes for quality game show-themed online slots?

Wheel of Fortune was the lowest hanging of fruits for building online casinos. It’s a widely recognized brand, for one thing. Additionally, the show is a game in which people try to win money. On top of that, many existing online casino platforms offer Wheel of Fortune-themed slots already.

So when BetMGM and IGT announced they were collaborating to build an entire online casino app with a Wheel of Fortune theme, it was kind of a no-brainer. It checked all the boxes for an easy build years ago.

Easy gamification, user familiarity, and wide appeal are thus some of the most important elements for a solid theme choice. It’s easy to check off that first box when the theme is already a game, like with “Wheel of Fortune.”

Following is a s
hortlist of other existing game show slots that have promise as an expansion.

The Price is Right casino games

One of the other longest-running game shows in America is “The Price is Right.” The show will celebrate its 50th anniversary this September. Thus, for familiarity and longevity, it’s hard for any other game show to contend.

“The Price is Right” is already a slot game, too, also created by IGT. While the library of those variants for the “Price is Right” isn’t as extensive as the hundreds of “Wheel of Fortune” slots that IGT has created, the variety is there.

Imagine betting on where the virtual puck will land on a game of Plinko or how far the yodeling mountain climber will ascend in Cliffhangers. It seems as obvious of a play as “Wheel of Fortune.”

Deal or No Deal games

While “Deal or No Deal” didn’t have near the longevity on television as “The Price is Right” or “Wheel of Fortune,” it’s found a second career of sorts as an online slots brand. NetEnt has turned the brand into an entire line of slot titles.

Admittedly, this doesn’t boast the obvious variety of games or degree of universal familiarity. However, its past conversion into slot games sets a developer up with an existing library to build upon.

From there, it’s just a matter of varying upon the game’s basic elements of trying to guess which case holds the jackpot. Players could wager on not only which case contains which amounts of money but also when the banker might intervene.

Family Feud players

How do you turn a guessing game into a slot, much less an entire online casino? It’s really not that hard, as Freemantle has already done it. In this version, you don’t have to try to think of the top answer to a survey question.

Essentially, Freemantle replaced the board that shows the survey results during the show with traditional slot reels. “Family Feud” provides the visual aesthetic and the name recognition more than the game elements.

It’s that brand power that makes “Family Feud” a solid choice here, too. That especially goes for players who are big fans of traditional table games and video poker. Perhaps in the future, they will be able to “sit” at a virtual blackjack table where a digital version of Steve Harvey is the dealer.

There’s no guarantee that game shows getting converted into online casinos will become a growing trend. If that does become the case, though, these series with game show slots already have a leg up on the competition.

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