Online Craps for Real Money

Online Craps for Real Money

You can locate the craps tables in live casinos by listening for the cheers. This is often the liveliest game ? players put together long sequences of winning dice rolls, cheering each time they hit the ?point?. Many of the phrases used at the craps tables are used in day-to-day life. The phrase ?on a roll? is frequently used to describe a good run of events.

With legal online casinos appearing in an increasing number of states, you can also enjoy real money craps online. This gives you an opportunity to learn the rounds and multiple bets at home. If you are already an experienced player, you can perfect your strategies and enjoy the chance to win big money.

This page has everything you need to know to get the best from online craps. You will find out how to take advantage of bonuses, how to choose the best craps games, and where to expect online craps tables in the regulated states below. Beginners will find a guide to understanding the craps table layout, and a guide to winning at craps on separate pages here at Playin USA.

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Real money craps vs free online craps

You can try out craps games online without risking any money. Online casinos let you enjoy their games in demo mode. You use play money chips, which reset each time you load a game. If you are new to craps and want to understand the betting rounds and different side-bets ? then playing for free is an ideal way to do this. You get the opportunity to try both the pass line and don?t pass, along with seeing how long you can keep rolling for once your point is established.

Software-based online craps games are controlled by RNG (random number generator) software. This means that each time you click the ?roll? button, a truly random outcome is determined. Legitimate casinos have their games regularly tested to ensure that you are getting a fair shot at winning money.

Advantages of free online craps casinos

  • Learn the betting rounds and complex side bet options
  • Experiment with pass / don?t pass without risking money
  • Try out betting strategies, to find what works for you
  • Enjoy this classic casino game with no pressure to deposit cash

Advantages of real money online craps casino

  • Play is much more exciting, even with smaller amounts of real cash on the line
  • Take advantage of casino bonuses while you roll the virtual dice
  • Choose pass / don?t pass (hard to do in the live casino setting)
  • Enjoy live dealer casino games, with craps now launching in selected jurisdictions

What to look for in an online craps casino

It is not just the bonuses that separate the good online casinos from the best ones. You will find some big variations in the platform, promotions, and game selection as you try out different brands.

Here are some of the key things that should go into your choice of where to enjoy online craps and other games:

  • Game selection: Some online casinos have 600+ games, while others have a curated list of 100+. While online craps does not have many variations, this is important if you enjoy trying out different games. Look for a huge choice of slots, video poker, table games and novelty games like Slingo or virtual betting.
  • Bonuses for craps players: Weighting for craps varies from zero to 25% at online casinos. You should also compare the amount of each bonus, the play-through requirements and the time allowed to complete this.
  • Apps / mobile casino craps: All casinos have desktop sites that work in your browser window from a mobile device. You will also find some legal casino apps. They use geolocation technology to allow play within state lines. If craps is your go-to game, make sure this is available via the mobile casino apps before you deposit.
  • Ongoing promotions: Loyalty reward schemes are a popular way for online casinos to reward their regular players. Look out for regular promotions, one off ?specials? and even tie-in deals with brick-and-mortar casinos.
  • Legal / regulated brands: Stay safe by sticking with the casinos that are licensed in your state. This not only ensures your deposit and bonus deals will be honored, you have a governing body to complain to if there are any issues.

Brands with a track record of customer support, a history of adding fresh new games to their platform and progressive jackpot payouts should also be considered.

Difference between online craps vs. live craps

Craps games in live casinos will display both minimum bets and the odds multiplier. For example, you will see a $10 minimum with 5x odds. The minimum bet is for the come out round bets ? with the odds multiplier applying to the point round.

Head online and the stakes will be much smaller. When craps games appear at US online casinos you will be able to bet from as little as 50 cents. This allows for al
l the entertainment without the financial commitment.

Another advantage is that you can bet on the ?Don?t Pass? side. In live casinos, almost everyone bets on the pass line. While the don?t pass has better craps odds ? you will be winning when everyone else loses. This takes away from the entertainment value at the tables for many players. In live casinos betting the don?t pass is known as the ?dark side?.

Most real money online craps tables are software-based. In other jurisdictions, real money craps is available in a live dealer casino setup. Here real dice are rolled at a remote studio. You bet on your computer or phone by dragging and dropping chips. This combines the social element of craps with online gambling ? and keeps the stakes low.

How online casino bonuses work for craps players

When you play craps online, there are different bonus deals to take advantage of. They range from no deposit bonuses through to the big matched welcome bonus offers. Once you are established, there are loyalty rewards and promotions too.

Not all online casino bonuses are the same when you investigate the terms and conditions. Craps players need to ensure that bets on the tables are counted towards your bonus clearance. There are also weightings applied to different games when it comes to clearing bonuses. Table games are counted lower than slots due to their smaller house edge. Craps can be anywhere from completely excluded to a 25% ?weighting?.

Guide to craps casino bonus terms & conditions

Before you take advantage of any online casino bonus for craps games, make sure you understand the following:

  • Is craps allowed?: Some bonus deals will explicitly exclude craps. You can still take advantage. For example, you could use your bonus money to play online slots, then hit the craps table with whatever you win once it is cleared.
  • Wagering / play-through required: Casino bonuses need to be wagered a set number of times before they are considered ?cleared? and can be withdrawn. The rules vary from casino to casino, with play-through anything from 5x to 20x your bonus typical.
  • Minimum / maximum: Casinos will match your first deposit up to $1000 in many cases. The minimum is in the $10 to $25 range. Look for casinos that apply your 100% match to more than one deposit. With a high play-through, large deposits will mean you need to bet a lot of money on the craps tables.
  • Weightings for different casino games: Craps is normally weighted for bonus clearance. This means that only a set percentage of your bets will count towards your playthrough target. This can be anywhere from 10% to 25% depending on the casino. Note that some casinos will count craps bets at 0%. This means you will need to clear your bonus on other games.
  • Time to complete your wagering: If you do not clear your bonus in time, it will expire. This becomes important when you have a combination of a high play-through target, lower weighting of craps games and short time to complete your bonus. Look for a minimum of 30 days. Some casinos let you clear larger bonuses over 60 or even 90 days.

Many craps players are surprised how small changes to the terms of casino bonuses make a huge difference to their bankroll. If you look for casinos that weight craps at 25%+, with a lower play-through ? you should be able to take maximum advantage of these deals.

No deposit bonus offers are an ideal way to check out a casino site or app. They are smaller deals, in the $10 to $25 range. If you can?t clear these bonuses playing craps, they do at least give you a shot at a big win on an online slot.

Examples of casino welcome bonuses at regulated US casinos

Golden Nugget New Jersey: New players are welcomed with $10?in free play with no deposit needed with bonus code PLAYBONUS. You can also get a 100% match up to $1,500, with 200?free slot spins. Table games have a 100x wagering requirement to clear your bonus. The ?Golden Points? loyalty system will keep your account topped up.

BetMGM Pennsylvania: This casino offers a generous $25?no deposit bonus for new players in PA. You can choose to play through the Android, iPhone, or browser-based casino clients. There is a 100% match up to $1,000 available and a 15x wagering requirement. You can join the MLife rewards program. This means your online slot and table game bets earn you credits for live casino resorts around the country.

Choosing different craps games online

Compared to online roulette games, blackjack or casino poker, there is not a big choice of craps tables online. The classic betting layout, with a few different animations for the dice and chip movements, is the main difference.

In live casinos, there are more variations. They include regular craps tables with a team of dealers and multiple betting stations. There are also electronic craps games. Bubble craps is popular. This uses a plastic dome with big dice. Betting takes place on electronic screens around this. These games say ?push the button? regularly when nobody is playing.

Two new variations of full tables are available in bigger casinos. They are ?crapless craps? that remove the loss from 2, 3 or 12 on the come-out roll. Instead, those numbers become points. This variation has a bigger house edge (at over 5%, this version should be avoided where possible). And games that have electronic-bottomed tables for special effects.

Live dealer craps at online casinos has yet to arrive in the country. This is being trialed in Europe / the UK – and is expected to arrive at regulated state casinos soon.

Online craps games available at legal US casinos

With New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia already allowing real money casinos inside their borders, you have a big choice of bonuses, games, and promotions to choose from. Craps is allowed in multiple states, though at the time of writing has yet to be offered by the online casino brands.

New online casinos offer a range of no deposit casino bonuses and matched welcome bonuses for their new players. Make sure you check the terms and conditions, to make sure that casino table games can be used to clear those bonuses before you sign up.

Play craps online at sweepstakes casinos

There are many states making progress with legalizing online gambling. This still leaves a large part of the country unable to access state-regulated online casinos.

A legal alternative that operates around the country is to play at sweepstakes casinos. You will not yet find craps tables at brands like FunzPoints, Chumba Casino and Luckyland Slots. What you will find are hundreds of colorful slots, and table games such as blackjack.

These casinos work by using a system that qualifies as a sweepstakes contest every time you play. They use a dual currency model. You buy chips for play-money / enjoyment only. Sweepstakes casinos
then award you premium or gold chips to enter their sweepstakes contests (these are the casino games). If you win, you can legally withdraw to your bank account.

How to play craps for beginners

You can learn to play craps in a short amount of time but have in mind that this is one of the trickier casino games out there. While visiting a casino, a dealer will be more than happy to get you familiar with the craps game rules, but it?s best if you learn them by yourself beforehand.

Here are the basic rules of craps.

When you walk up to the craps table and see the OFF marker, that means that the players can start placing their bets. If the marker is flipped and says ON, it means that the game is in progress, and you?ll need to wait for the next round.

The two starting bets include the Pass Line and the Don?t Pass Line. By placing the chips on the Pass Line, you are betting on the dice shooter to win. If they win on the first roll (getting 7 or 11), all players who bet on the Pass Line win. If they lose (getting 2, 3, or 12), all Pass Line bets lose as well. Keep in mind that two dice are thrown, and their values are added together.

If one of the point numbers comes up (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10), the dealer will turn the OFF marker to ON and place it on the point number that came up. For example, let?s say that the dice shooter rolled a 6. They will keep rolling the dice until getting another 6, and if they do so before rolling a 7, all Pass Line bets win.

Players who bet on the Don?t Pass line hope for the opposite. They want a 2, 3, or 12 to come after the first roll or for the 7 to come before the point number. However, if a 12 is rolled, the bet is considered a push, and no money is exchanged.

Types of craps bets and odds

Pass and Don?t Pass are the two main bets in craps, but you will notice that the craps table is filled with many other betting slots.

One of these other bets is not marked on the table, and it?s called the Odds. It can only be taken after the point has been established. This is a side bet, and to make it, you must place your chips just below the Pass Line field and bet for specific point numbers to show up before the 7. The craps odds and payouts for this bet vary between 2:1 and 6:5.

Another bet you can see on the table is the Come bet. The Come bet is the same as the Pass Line bet, only it is made after the point has been established. It can be viewed as your personal Pass Line bet. While the shooter rolls for the point, you hope that his first roll is a 7 or 11. If it?s not, then the number they rolled becomes your point number, and you hope to see it before the seven comes up. Opposite of the Come bet is the Don?t Come bet.

The Place bet is made on one of the available point numbers (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10). If the number you bet on is rolled before the 7, you win. Place bets can be made or taken down at any time.

Another popular bet is the Field. Here, you will be betting on numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12. If any of them are rolled, you win even money, except for 2 and 12, which pay double. If 5, 6, 7, or 8 are rolled, you lose.

Big 6 and 8 can also be found on the table, but these are the worst bets you can take in the game of craps. The reason is that they pay even money, but you will get better value if you bet on those two numbers in the Place column that pays 7 to 6.

Next, we have the Long Shot bets. These pay big money but are also very hard to guess right. They include:

  • Hardway ? Betting on duplicate numbers 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, and 5-5
  • Horn ? Betting on combinations 1-1, 1-2, 5-6, and 6-6, or all of them
  • Craps ? Betting that 2, 3, or 12 will come up next
  • C and E ? Betting on any Craps (C) or 11 (E). This is a one-roll-only bet
  • Big 7 ? Betting on any 7. It?s also for one roll only

Below is a table containing odds and payouts for all of these types of craps bets.

Bet True Odds Payouts
Pass Line and Come 251 to 244 1 to 1
Don?t Pass and Don?t Come 976 to 949 1 to 1
Odds (4 or 10) 2 to 1 2 to 1 (minus commission)
Odds (5 or 9) 3 to 2 3 to 2 (minus commission)
Odds (6 or 8) 6 to 5 6 to 5 (minus commission)
Place (4 or 10) 2 to 1 9 to 5
Place (5 or 9) 3 to 2 7 to 5
Place (6 or 8) 6 to 5 7 to 6
Field 5 to 4 1 to 1 (2 to 1 for 2 and 12)
Big 6 or 8 6 to 5 1 to 1
Hardways (6 or 8) 10 to 1 9 to 1
Hardways (4 or 10) 8 to 1 7 to 1
Any Craps 8 to 1 7 to 1
Any 7 5 to 1 4 to 1
Horn 5 to 1 3.75 to 1 (3 or 11) and 7.5 to 1 (2 or 12)

How to win at craps

Like any other casino game, craps is designed to provide a house edge. Unlike blackjack and poker, in which you can use strategy to lower that edge, the game of craps uses dice, ensuring that the roll is always random. Some have mastered the art of dice control, but that?s not always effective, not to mention that it is useless when playing online.

To have the best odds of winning at craps, you will have to look at the odds themselves and make the least risky wagers.

The best strategy is to take a portion of your intended bet on Pass/Come or Don?t Pass/Don?t Come and place the rest at the Odds bet. The Odds is the best bet since it virtually doesn?t have a house edge, although because of that, casinos usually take a commission on it. Still, by using this strategy, you will lower the house edge to below 1%.

However, this strategy can also be expensive. If you?re running with a small bankroll, you should look to bet on Pass+Come while skipping the Odds. This will still give you a reasonable house edge of 1.41%.

Another general strategy is to avoid making Big 6 and Big 8 bets. These pay even money and are simply not worth it, considering that you can make the same bets at Place and get paid 7 to 6.

Superstitions at the craps table

Gamblers are superstitious by nature, and this is especially the case with the game of craps. One of the most popular sup
erstitions surrounding this game is that if the dice bounce off the table when being thrown (which happens more often than you might think), the next throw will be unlucky, and you should not follow it up with placing bets.

First-time players that take the role of shooter are often considered lucky or unlucky based on ? believe it or not ? their gender. Namely, male ?virgins? are deemed unlucky, while the female ones are considered hot.

Whatever you do, don?t touch or talk to the shooter while they?re on a roll. It?s considered bad luck. While the number 7 usually symbolizes luck, it?s quite the opposite in craps. Don?t ever mention the number 7. Instead, you can refer to it as it or the devil.

What is the best online craps site?

Online craps games mimic live tables well, though there is not a huge amount of variation compared to games like blackjack or casino poker ? which can feature long lists of different games. The best sites have plenty of bonuses and promotions which can be cleared playing table games. These include sites like Golden Nugget, DraftKings and BetMGM. For players outside of regulated states, try Chumba or Luckyland.

Which craps bets have the best odds?

Pass and Don?t Pass bets in Craps have the lowest odds. These are 1.41% house edge for the Pass Line and 1.36% for Don?t Pass. Betting on numbers in the points round allows for bets with no house edge at all. There are many other bets which have a high house edge. For example, hard ways bets are between 9% and 11%. In between these numbers, you can bet on big 6 / 8 for around 2.8%, and place 4 / 10 for 1.67%.

Can you make money playing online craps?

In the long term, the house edge of all casino games will come through. You can go on short-term winning streaks – and use strategies and systems to reduce your variance. Add in casino bonuses and promotions, and the amount that the casino takes can be reduced to a minimum. What is certain is that you can?t beat the casino over the long run.

Can you cheat at craps?

There are many stories in live casinos of people using dice rolling techniques to cheat at craps. These involve sliding dice instead of rolling them. This is not possible online, where the dice is rolled by software. It is unlikely to work in live casinos these days, with cameras and staff trained to look out for cheating.

Are online craps games rigged?

No. If you stick to legal / regulated casinos, there is no danger of casino games being rigged to cheat you. The built-in house edge will work over time, and no legitimate brand would risk their reputation in this way. As part of licensing requirements in most states, regular audits are required. The ?RNG? (random number generator) software is tested over millions of hands, spins, or dice rolls to ensure that the outcomes are truly random.