How to Play American Roulette

How to Play American Roulette

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American roulette is a staple at US online casinos, and retail casinos. The earliest forms of roulette, then named, Roly-Poly, Ace of Hearts, and E.O. (Even-Odd), made their way across the pond in the 19th century, catching on like wildfire.?

Back then, the roulette wheel contained both a single zero (0) and a double zero (00), plus an American eagle symbol. Eventually, the American eagle symbol dissipated, but the double zero remained, distinguishing American roulette from its European counterparts.?

In this guide, we?ll break down how to play American roulette, discuss its bets and odds, and tell you where you can play the game online.?

How to play American roulette

American Roulette

The American roulette wheel has 38 pockets on it, featuring red and black numbers 1?36, a zero, and a double zero. The goal of the game is to predict where a small white ball that spins along the wheel’s edges will land and place bets accordingly.?

The bets are divided into two categories ? inside and outside bets. The former are the wagers you place within the main number grid. You can put some chips on single numbers, split the chips across the grid on multiple numbers, or bet on number groups consisting of two to six numbers. The odds for getting inside bets right are longer, hence the bigger payouts.?

On the other hand, the outside bets are simple, more generic wagers you place on red or black, high or low number categories, and even larger groups of numbers. These outside bets offer better odds, but the payouts are between 1:1 and 2:1 at best.?

Here?s how you play American roulette in a step-by-step form:?

  • Choose your bet. Select one of the inside or outside bets.?
  • Place the bet. Choose the value of your chip, then click on the area of the table where you want to place your bet. You can place multiple bets at once.?
  • Initiate the wheel. Once your bets are placed, click the Spin button. The roulette ball is then thrown onto the spinning wheel.
  • Look at the outcome. The ball will eventually land in one of the numbered slots. If it lands on a number or color you bet on, you win.
  • Collect the payout. Winning bets are paid out based on their odds. For instance, a winning bet on a single number pays 35:1, while one on red or black pays even money (1:1).

Adding an extra zero spikes the house edge to 5.70% simply because the odds of you getting the number where the ball will land right are 1:38 rather than 1:37, like in European roulette, where the house edge clocks at 2.70%.?

American roulette strategy

American roulette is a game that is almost exclusively based on luck. There?s no uniform approach that could guarantee victory. The closest you can come to a strategy is by using the Martingale, Fibonacci, and other positive and negative betting strategies. These systems can put a lot of pressure on your bankroll
since they require you to double your losing bets or increase your losing bets until you win. What?s more, there?s no conclusive evidence that such strategies are worthwhile in the long run.?

Therefore, in order to win at American roulette, you must leverage different side bets and understand their odds and payouts.?There are more than twenty different bets you can place in American roulette in addition to the straight bet.

Let?s check out the most important inside side bets first.

  • Five-number bet: A wager that?s exclusive to American roulette, also known as ?the monster,? ?the basket,? or ?the beast.? It entails betting on numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 and pays 6:1.?
  • Split: By placing chips between the two adjoining lines on the table, you are effectively betting on both numbers. If any of the two hits, you?ll be looking at a 17:1 payout.?
  • Street: A street bet is a three-number bet that lets you cover a row of three numbers by placing chips on the outside border of those numbers.?
  • Corner: A corner bet covers four adjoining numbers and comes with an 8:1 potential payout.?
  • Six-line: As its name suggests, a six-line bet covers six numbers. To place it, move the chips at the intersection of two adjoining rows. The payout for this wager is 5:1.?

As for the outside bets, you can choose from the following:?

  • Column: The betting table layout is divided into three columns with different number sequences. By placing chips at the bottom of those columns, you?ll enjoy a 2:1 payout should the ball land on any of the numbers from the column.?
  • Dozens: If you want to bet on any of the three sets of twelve numbers, that is, 1?12, 13?24, and 25?36, you?ll be placing a dozens bet. The payout is 2:1.?
  • High or low: The high or low entails betting on a number sequence from 1 to 18 (low) or 19 to 36 (high). The payout for the bets is 1:1.?
  • Odd or even: It?s one of the easiest and simplest bets in all of roulette. You can either bet on the odd numbers or the even numbers. The payout is also 1:1.?
  • Red or black: Another option is the red or black wagers, where you bet on either red or black numbers. The bets pay even money, or 1:1.?

In addition to the double zero that sets the house edge in American roulette at 5.7%, it?s the number sequence on the wheel that makes a big difference. The zero and the double zero sit opposite one another, just like the consecutive numbers. For example, 3 and 4 are across each other on the wheel, as are 25 and 26.?

There is a discernible clockwise pattern in American roulette that is not available in European roulette. It provides a balance between red and black numbers, as well as even and odd numbers. Moreover, the numbers also alternate between low and high. The pattern and the careful placement of zero and double zero pockets serve to ensure arbitrary outcomes.

How do American roulette payouts work??

The following table will give you a full overview of American roulette odds and payouts for each bet, so you can determine which ones are the best in terms of probability.?

Wager American Roulette Odds Payout
Straight bet 2.63% 35:1
Split bet 5.3% 17:1
Street bet 7.9% 11:1
Corner bet 10.5% 8:1
Five-number bet 13.2% 6:1
Six-line bet 15.8% 5:1
Dozen 31.6% 2:1
Column 31.6% 2:1
Even bets 47.4% 1:1

As you can see, outside bets offer the best odds, which is why players, especially newbies that are just starting to learn how to play American roulette, should opt for them.?

Where can I play American roulette online?

American roulette is a variant available at virtually every online casino in the United States, not just those in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.?

All players who are at least 21 and physically located within the state borders of Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia can sign up with state-regulated online casinos.?

American roulette final thoughts

American roulette enjoys great popularity in the US online and land-based casinos thanks to its exciting wheel layout with a double zero and novelty bets, such as the five-number bet that?s only available in this version.?

Nevertheless, the double zero on the wheel pushes the house edge to 5.7%, making it one of the least-favorable roulette options out there. In order to win at American roulette or increase their odds, players should opt for outside wagers where the odds for, say, even bets are 47.4%.?

American roulette FAQ

American roulette is a game based on luck, so there are no systems or strategies that can guaran
tee constant wins. To win at American roulette, players should go for outside bets with the best odds and keep their fingers crossed.

American roulette has a 38-pocket wheel with a green zero and green double zero. Players choose the colored number they want to bet on and the size of the bet before initiating the spin of the wheel. If the white ball lands in the numbered pocket you bet on, you get the corresponding payout based on a predetermined table.

The best American roulette strategy involves betting on the outside bets that offer the best odds of winning, despite the relatively low payouts.

In American roulette, 35 to 1 indicates the payout ratio for the straight bet, which in turn means that for every dollar you bet, you?ll receive 35 dollars, plus your initial stake, if the straight bet is successful.