Caesars To Rebrand Bally’s As Horseshoe Las Vegas

Written By Marc Meltzer on January 26, 2022Last Updated on July 6, 2022

Caesars Entertainment announced it will change the name of Bally’s to Horseshoe Las Vegas. The interior and exterior of the property will begin later this year.

In changing the Bally’s Las Vegas name to Horseshoe, Caesars is bringing one of the most iconic casino names back to Las Vegas. The company sees this change as a nod to history and a step forward for Caesars.

Sean McBurney, regional president of Caesars Entertainment, said:

“Bringing the Horseshoe brand back to life in Las Vegas allows us to celebrate both our history and our future, 2022 starts a new era for the Caesars Entertainment empire in Las Vegas, one being heralded by the return of Horseshoe.”

This is more than just a name change. Caesars plans to completely change the property that will become Horseshoe Las Vegas.

Major renovations planned for the entire year

The transformation of Bally’s to Horseshoe will begin this spring and should be concluded by the end of the year. Caesars has lofty plans in place that seemingly should take longer than the time allotted.

The first thing visitors will notice is that Caesars will renovate the exterior of Horseshoe Las Vegas. Once inside the property guests will see a new casino floor, bars, and restaurants along with new entertainment options. The hotel rooms will n ot be renovated.

The property will be redesigned to feel like the Horseshoe brand. Caesars says the vibe of the property will,

“Incorporate a handcrafted feeling with tooled leather, dramatic colors, and the brand’s signature gold horseshoe iconography.”

A fresh look is welcome for a property that’s not quite what it used to be.

Will Horseshoe become the home for gamblers on the Vegas Strip?

Caesars is pitching Horseshoe as a property for gamblers. That seems like an oxymoron for a casino located on the Vegas Strip but that’s another story. Jason Gregorec, SVP and general manager of the property says:

“At Horseshoe, it’s all about the gambler. Since 1951 Horseshoe Casinos have been home to the best odds, highest limits, and biggest jackpots. So, it’s fitting that we bring Horseshoe back to Las Vegas, and right on the Las Vegas Strip.”

Horseshoe (and Paris) will host the World Series of Poker (WSOP) from May 31 – July 19 this year. That’s a start for making Horseshoe a gambling destination on the Vegas Strip.

Ironically, Caesars used to offer some of the best gaming conditions on the Vegas Strip across the street at The Cromwell. Just a few years ago the boutique property offered plenty of 3:2 blackjack games under $25, the only 100x craps odds in the area, and single zero roulette outside of a high limit room on the Vegas Strip.

The excellent gambling rules and odds ended after The Cromwell reopened after COVID-19. If Caesars is telling the truth the company will bring those fair gaming conditions formerly at The Cromwell to Horseshoe Las Vegas.

The Bally’s rumor mill

It feels as though there have been rumors about Bally’s changing its name for years. That’s because rebranding Bally’s as Horseshoe has been in the rumor mill since 2019.

The rumor grew stronger as Caesars sold the Bally’s brand to Bally’s Corp. (formerly Twin River Worldwide Holdings) in 2020. In the deal, Caesars kept the name Bally’s Las Vegas in perpetuity. Keeping the Bally’s name gave Caesars time to come up with a plan for the property. This was important to Caesars because sometimes these plans can take a lot of time.

Now, Bally’s Corp. can use the name Bally’s for a casino. if the corporation decides to rebrand the Las Vegas casino will soon own. In 2021, Bally’s Corp purchased the Tropicana. The deal is should close in the early part of this year.

Bally’s Corp. has spent the past nine months exploring different options for the Tropicana. The latest rumor is that the land the property stands on could be used for a baseball stadium should the Oakland A’s move to Las Vegas. Should the company keep the hotel and casino it will likely be rebranded as Bally’s.

Bally’s could rebrand Tropicana as Bally’s if it decides to keep the casino intact. This isn’t a strange idea. The property that is Bally’s/Horseshoe used to be the MGM Grand. That casino brand is coincidentally located across from Tropicana.

What’s next for Caesars?

Back to the Bally’s/Horseshoe rumor mill, there’s one unrelated piece to this news. Caesars plans to sell a Vegas Strip casino this year.

Bally’s Las Vegas was one of the potential casinos on the chopping block. Caesars has quietly been making plans to lead some to think it would not sell Bally’s.

Bally’s/Horseshoe is probably out of the picture with the announcements last year that the casino will host the WSOP and that the property is adding Blake Shelton’s Big Red entertainment venue. A bar, restaurant, and entertainment space owned by a country music star seems like a natural fit for Horseshoe.

The rumor mill shifts its eyes south on the Vegas Strip to a different property that might be sold. Planet Hollywood is the other Caesars Vegas Strip casino that has been rumored to be on the market. Caesars reports earnings on Feb. 22. It wouldn’t be a surprise to hear news about a casino sale around that time.

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