FireKeepers Sportsbook App – $500 Bet Match Bonus

If you’re in Michigan, you may want to add FireKeepers to the list of sportsbooks where you’ve signed up. That’s because FireKeepers online sportsbook offers a welcome bonus of a 100% wager match up to $500.

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On this page, we’ll review more of what FireKeepers offers Michigan sports bettors, including what else there is to the welcome bonus, other promotions for online sports bettors, the wagering options it offers and how it stacks up against some of the competition.

Reasons to choose FireKeepers Sportsbook

  • Welcome bonus for up to $500.
  • Dual sportsbook and casino app.
  • Plenty of customer support options.

FireKeepers Sportsbook sign-up bonus in 2023

When you create an account at FireKeepers and place your first bet, the online sportsbook will match that bet at a 100% clip for anywhere from $25 up to $500. The matching funds arrive in your account as a bonus bet. This is superior to a protected bet that you might see at many of FireKeepers’ competitors because you receive the bonus bet whether your first bet wins or loses. A protected bet kicks in only if your first bet loses.

FireKeepers Sportsbook bonus code

Firekeepers Sportsbook Bonus Code None
Sign-up Bonus 100% bet match up to $500
Legal States Michigan
Last Updated May 2023

How does the FireKeepers Sportsbook welcome bonus work?

Unlike some welcome bonuses out there, you don’t need to feel as if you’re cramming for a year-end college exam to understand how the FireKeepers offer works.

In short, all you have to do is head to the sportsbook site and create an account. Then place a real money bet of $25 or more. FireKeepers will issue you a bonus wager, equal in size to that amount of your opening wager, topping out at $500.

Keep in mind that your first bet will need to have odds of -200 or longer. This simply prevents you from betting on a sure thing in order to claim a $500 bonus bet. As for the bonus bet itself, if you fail to use it within one week, it will expire. Also, you must use it all at once, and its value does not transfer over into a wager’s winnings. That is, you receive only the winnings from a bonus bet wager.

Overall, there is very little to dislike about the FireKeepers welcome bonus. You simply get a bonus bet for placing your first wager. Easy to understand and simple to apply.

Terms and conditions apply to all offers. Please see FireKeepers Sportsbook for details. 21+ Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER+

How to sign up for FireKeepers Sportsbook online

Signing up at FireKeepers Sportsbook is simple. Start by heading to the sportsbook site and selecting “Join now.” Then enter the following details:

  • Name (first and last)
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Birthdate

Below those fields are some boxes they have you to check as well. These boxes are confirming that you are at least 21 years old, are not prohibited from betting on sports and that you accept the FireKeepers terms and conditions.

You still aren’t quite finished, though. A window will pop up asking for the last four digits of your Social Security number. Once that is done, you are all set.

In which states is FireKeepers Sportsbook legal?

Currently, FireKeepers is legal only in Michigan. As you probably already guessed, FireKeepers Sportsbook is an extension of FireKeepers Casino Hotel in Battle Creek. The retail casino is home to Dacey’s Sportsbook, where you’ll find both in-person betting windows and self-serve betting kiosks.

Michigan allows you to bet on in-state college teams (Michigan State, Michigan, etc.). Note, however, that the state does not allow prop bets on college athletes, so you won’t find those at FireKeepers.

How to download the FireKeepers Sportsbook app

FireKeepers’ sports betting app is free and available for Android and iOS devices. If you’re on Apple, head to the sportsbook site, scroll down and select “Download for iOS.” That will open the App Store directly to the FireKeepers Sportsbook and Casino page, and you can download the app from there.

For Android, it’s the same as above, but this time you’ll select “Download for Android.” This will open the correct page on the Play Store, and you can download the app from there.

Navigating the FireKeepers app and website

If you have any experience with Michigan online sports betting, you should have little to no issues getting used to the FireKeepers website. And even if it’s a new experience, you shouldn’t find it that challenging to navigate.

Across the top of the page are links for the FireKeepers online casino, promotions page, help center and your account. Down the left side, you’ll find links for live betting, trending bets and a complete list of all the sports you can bet on at FireKeepers. And on the right side is your FireKeepers bet slip.

  • Account page: Under “My Account” you’ll find a number of options for managing your FireKeepers account. “Cashier” is where you’ll go if you need to make deposits or withdrawals. “My Bonuses” shows you all the promotional offers you have active and “Responsible Gaming” is where you’ll go to set various betting and deposit limits.
  • Promotions page: At most online sportsbooks, the promos page is something you’ll want to check daily. However, FireKeepers currently offers just a welcome bonus to sportsbook users, so there’s really not much to see here. We still suggest checking it at least once a week to see if anything changes though.
  • Bet slip: You’ll want to become super familiar with the FireKeepers bet slip so you can place your bets as quickly and easily as possible. While there are headers across the top for straight bets, parlays and teasers, you actually can just scroll down to see all those options. There also is a settings tab where you can click on or off the option to confirm bets before placing them. You also can elect to approve odds changes before placing bets. Lastly, it’s not readily apparent, but once you enter a dollar amount in the “To Wager” field, a spinner pops up that allows you to change that field to “To Win.”
  • Sports options: Along the left side of your screen you’ll see a variety of sections to help choose what you want to bet on. First, there’s “Featured,” which has the most popular betting options. Below that is “Big Leagues” with listings for the top professional leagues. And then you’ll see “A-Z Sports,” which shows you all the sports you can bet on at FireKeepers, in alphabetical order.
  • Customer support: If you do not need help right away, the easiest way to contact FireKeepers’ help desk is by sending an email to [email protected]. If your need is more urgent, you can tap on the “Support” bubble on the lower right part of the page. Doing this will allow you to initiate an online live chat with a FireKeepers representative straight away. Finally, you can peruse the various categories (geolocation, deposits, withdrawals, etc.) to look for a solution on your own.

Layout differences on the FireKeepers app

When you first log in to the FireKeepers app, you’ll notice right away that it’s a dual online sportsbook and casino. That’s because the app opens to the casino screen. To get to the sportsbook, click where it says “Sportsbook” near the top of the screen.

Once you’re there, the app should look extremely similar to the FireKeepers website. The biggest difference at this point is simply the fact that your bet slip is at the bottom of the page, along with listings for all the available sports.

Basically, the variances between the app and website are due to screen size alone, and it should be easy swapping between the FireKeepers website and app.

Live betting at FireKeepers online sports betting

Live betting refers to any wagers you make on games that have already begun. You can bet on everything from who is going to win now that the game is half over to what will take place on the next play of the game.

While bets themselves function the same during live betting as they do for pregame betting, the rate at which live betting odds and lines change varies greatly. While it can take a lot to move the line just a little before a game starts, you can have huge shifts when it comes to live betting.

The reason for this is simple. FireKeepers changes its odds based on what is taking place in a game. So if there’s a major injury, ejection or just a game-changing play, you’ll see that reflected in the odds.

This also is why you need to make sure you have current information when placing live bets. It’s not uncommon for a game to be delayed by a minute or so if you are streaming it on a less-than-stellar internet connection. A lot can happen in a minute of gameplay, and if you’re using old news to bet, you might end up lamenting your wager just a few seconds after placing it.

What sports are available at FireKeepers?

While FireKeepers might not offer bets on every sport imaginable like some oddsmakers, we find the selection more than sufficient. You can bet on the most popular US leagues like the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, WNBA, UFC, PGA Tour, NASCAR, and, of course, both college football and college basketball.

Assuming that sports outside of North America are more your cup of tea, you also can bet on top international leagues such as the UCL, EPL, Bundesliga, La Liga, EuroLeague basketball, KHL hockey, Formula One and both men’s and women’s tennis tournaments.

How to bet at FireKeepers online sportsbook

FireKeepers has pretty much all the betting options you would expect a premier sportsbook to offer. Here are the standard bets you’re likely to come across:

  • Moneylines: Bet on one team or the other to win the game, with a payout that depends on the odds. If Team A is at -400, that is telling you a winning $400 bet would get you a profit of $100. If Team B is at +400, that is saying a $100 bet would win you $400 if your bet wins.
  • Spreads: This is a way to even out the chance that a bet on either side of a game will win. The favorite gets an extra obstacle to overcome, and the underdog gets some help. For instance, if a favorite has a spread number of -8.5, it must win the game by nine points or more. The underdog, then, will be at +8.5, and a bet on that side wins if the underdog loses by eight points or fewer or wins by any score.
  • Over/unders: Place a bet on the total points that both teams will combine for in a game. FireKeepers will set a number, and you bet whether the actual total score will be over or under that number.
  • Props: Think of these as side bets, because that’s exactly what they are. Instead of betting on who wins and who loses, you are betting on whether specific outcomes will happen. You can make props for games going to overtime, for players to record a certain number of points or even for how many penalties a team will finish with.
  • Parlays: Join two bets or more together. By doing this, you get a larger potential payout than if you placed the bets individually. The catch is that if you get any of your picks wrong, you win nothing.
  • Teasers: Teasers are similar to parlays, but they are specifically for basketball or football spread bets, and they allow you to move the line for each of your games in your favor. This will also cause the odds to move. You still need to get all of your picks correct.
  • Round robins: Also similar to parlays, but in this case, you don’t need to get all of your bets right in order to win some money.
  • Futures: When you bet on a team to win the championship in its league or a player to win the MVP award, those are examples of futures bets. At FireKeepers, just click on the league you want to make a futures bet on, then select the “Futures” tab to show your choices.

How to deposit at FireKeepers Sportsbook

FireKeepers currently has a somewhat limited number of options when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals. If using an e-check works for you, though, you’ll be all set for both.


Deposit Method Minimum Amount Processing Time
e-check $10 Instant
Visa or Mastercard Debit/Credit Cards $10 Instant
FireKeepers Play+ Card $10 Instant


Withdrawal Method Minimum Amount Processing Time
e-check No Minimum Up to 72 Hours
FireKeepers Play+ Card No Minimum Up to 72 Hours

In-person alternative

If you head to FireKeepers Casino Hotel in Battle Creek, Michigan, you can make both deposits and withdrawals at the casino cage there. We suggest checking with customer service before you go to make sure you have all the required info and ID in order to process your request.

Wrapping up: FireKeepers Sportsbook

All things considered, FireKeepers is a quality online sportsbook. We believe the wager-matching welcome bonus alone is enough of a reason to sign up there. The betting options are up to par, as are the overall odds.

The biggest negative about FireKeepers Sportsbook is the lack of promotions after you claim the welcome bonus. Despite that, even if you only use FireKeepers for the welcome bonus and then to compare odds and bet when it has the best, that’s likely a worthwhile option.

FireKeepers Sportsbook FAQ

Is the FireKeepers online sportsbook legal?

Yes, but only in Michigan. FireKeepers received its sports betting license from the Michigan Gaming Control Board in 2021 and launched in the state. Unless FireKeepers expands, you’ll need to be in Michigan in order to bet using the FireKeepers app or website.

Can I bet on college sports at FireKeepers?

Yes, Michigan allows bets on college sports, including on in-state teams, so you can bet on the Wolverines or Spartans if you wish.

What is the minimum age to bet at FireKeepers Sportsbook?

To bet at FireKeepers or any other legal sportsbook in Michigan, you must be 21 or older. If you are younger, you won’t be able to open an account at the online sportsbook.

Does FireKeepers have a bonus code for new users?

No, FireKeepers does not have a bonus code, but it does have a welcome bonus. When you create an account and place your first bet for at least $25, the sportsbook will match that with a bonus bet for up to $500.

How does the FireKeepers app compare to FanDuel?

FireKeepers is a solid sportsbook, but truthfully it’s still a bit behind a behemoth like FanDuel. The FanDuel welcome bonus can be for up to twice as much, and FanDuel offers many additional sportsbook promotions, while FireKeepers does not at this time. If you’re going to have more than one sportsbook account, however, signing up at FireKeepers still makes sense.

Do you have to live in Michigan to bet at FireKeepers?

No, being a Michigan resident is not a requirement to get at FireKeepers in the state. However, you do have to be within Michigan state lines to bet at the sportsbook. When you’re signed in to your account, FireKeepers uses geolocation
to track your whereabouts to ensure you can bet.