Scudamore’s Super Stakes Slot Game

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Scudamore’s Super Stakes Slot Game

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Scudamore’s Super Stakes Review

Players looking for something a little different than their usual online slot machine may enjoy a quick trip to the races, courtesy of NetEnt.

Scudamore’s Super Stakes slot game mixes the usual fun of slots with some exciting features that bring out the thrill of horse racing. The innovative features range from a simulated horse race bonus game to the option to place side bets on sets of upcoming spins. It may not quite capture the thrill of your long shot bet crossing the finish line, but it comes close.

Let’s see what this machine has to offer.

Sounds & Music

NetEnt’s design does a nice job of bringing out the excitement of a racetrack. All of the little pieces come together well with solid sound design and good graphics.

The background music is perfect for picturing horses running along the track with loud horns and flutes keeping spirits high.

The game also brings out the feeling of a big race through great sound effects, like the galloping noises that play as each reel settles into place. There’s even an announcer to call out the player’s bets and provide commentary on the bonus race.

Graphics and Appearance

The graphics are generally good, although they’re slightly simple in the main game.

The racetrack takes up most of the background, with the reels standing out as a vivid green. The symbols are just 4 card symbols “A, K, Q and J” and 4 jockeys on horses.

The jockeys are color-coded red, purple, green and blue. There’s also a tile for Scudamore himself as the wild symbol and a trophy bonus symbol.

The game doesn’t have too many special animations, but the ones that it does have are nice. The flaming horseshoes falling onto the reels make quite an impression when the Random Wilds feature triggers, and there’s something cathartic about seeing a losing bet slip crumple up and get thrown away after a close loss.

The simulated horse race is also a nice addition to make the bonus round more engaging, even if players are probably going to be too busy watching the reels to see much of it.

Scudamore’s Super Stakes: Core Gameplay

The basics of the Scudamore’s Super Stakes slot machine are pretty easy to understand. There are 5 reels and 3 rows with 20 active paylines. Players do not have an option to play fewer paylines.

All winning paylines have to start on the leftmost reel and move to the right. There are wild symbols available and they can fill in for anything except the bonus symbol.

The main twist for the basic slots is a Random Wilds feature. During any spin, the music can swell to signal that 2 to 5 sizzling horseshoes are about to fall. Any spaces that they land on become wild spaces for that spin. While it doesn’t guarantee a win, getting a few wilds is usually a good way to at least set up a few small payouts.

Betting Slip Feature

The other big feature on the main slots is almost its own little game. At any point during the main game, players can select the Bet Slip on the right side of the screen to pull up a new betting window.

The Bet Slip allows players to make a separate side bet on what symbols will appear in an upcoming set of spins.

For example, players can bet that there will be at least 20 “J” symbols in the next 10 spins, and if there are then they get a 2x return on the bet that they placed.

Note that wilds are always counted as just wilds as far as the Bet Slip is concerned. They can’t fill in for standard symbols.

The minimum bet is 0.80 credits but players can go up to 80.00 credits. Players can choose to bet on any symbol in the game, including wilds and bonus symbols, and the odds vary depending on the symbol picked.

The odds also vary d
epending on how far out players want to bet, with the maximum capping out at a 1,242x return for 92 wild symbols in 80 spins. There can only be one side bet active at a time, so choose carefully before committing.

The Main Game

The main game tends to be a little volatile with big swings being fairly common. Most of the payouts are fairly nice. Even a simple set of 3 card symbols pays back half of the total bet.

These little wins really help stretch out the game.

The problem is that the dry spells can really hurt the bankroll before a lucky spin or good set of Random Wilds comes along.

This is where The Bet Slip steps in to help. Not only does it give players something extra to cheer for to keep the game interesting, but it provides one more way to get a good payday.

Note that it actually has a slightly higher RTP than the main slots. The RTP on the Bet Slip bets ranges from 96.12% to 96.99%, while the base game averages out to 96.11%.

There’s an entire section of the machine’s help page that maps out the exact theoretical return for each Bet Slip bet.

For the curious, the best statistical return is for 160 “Q” symbols in 80 spins. Regardless, it’s a fun way to potentially break up a losing streak while players wait for a shot at the big jackpot in the bonus round.

Peter’s Classic Cup Bonus Round

Aside from the fun Bet Slip, the other big draw for the online slot Scudamore’s Super Stakes is the Peter’s Classic Cup race.

During any normal spin, players can get bonus symbols in reels 1, 3 and 5. It works off of scatter rules, so getting one bonus symbol anywhere in each of the 3 reels will trigger the bonus.

The bonus game consists of a set of free spins that also determine the outcome of a simulated horse race. Players are guaranteed at least 4 payouts from their free spins due to the nature of the game.

Peter’s Classic Cup starts out by letting players choose the horse that they want to pick to win.

Each horse has different payouts based on their odds.

  • Tin Foil Hat, the blue horse, is the favorite and pays out 50x the total bet.
  • Gonzo’s Quest is green and pays out 100x the total bet.
  • Berry Max is purple and pays out 500x the total bet.
  • The long shot and jackpot is Divine Fortune, which pays out 5000x the total bet.

To be clear, players have to correctly pick the winning horse to get its matching payout, so players will have to pick between a safer chance at a smaller payout or going for the big win.

The race plays out across a set of free spins on an extended set of reels. The game gains a 4th row and grows to hold 32 active paylines. The horses only advance when one of their corresponding symbols pays out. This includes their matching red, purple, green or blue horse and jockey symbol and the card symbol that matches their color.

Each winning payline, no matter how small, moves the matching horse forward one space in the race. More than one horse can move each spin if multiple different paylines trigger.

The first horse to move forward 4 times will cross the finish line and end the race. Players will still get the winnings off of any winning paylines from the free spins, even if their horse loses, and the paytable is set by the initial bet that triggered the bonus.

The Final Bet

There’s a lot to like about Scudamore’s Super Stakes. It’s a competent slot machine that adds in some very interesting bonuses and features.

The Bet Slip side bet option is a really fun way to add a little more action to the basic spins, and the Peter’s Classic Cup is a fun twist on a bonus round. Best of all is that the game doesn’t charge a premium for its bonuses.

The 96.11% RTP is fair and should keep veteran players happy, and the better returns on the Bet Slip are welcome too. Even players who don’t like betting on horses should enjoy the great gameplay, and big betters should love the chance to play a few long shots. Play this slot for real money at casino sites such as DraftKings online casino and Virgin online.