Pride of Egypt Slots

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Pride of Egypt Slots

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The riches of the ancient world lie hidden, waiting to be discovered by players of Konami’s Pride of Egypt slot machine.

One of those secrets is that the pharaohs were really lions, apparently. The light-hearted theme provides a colorful slot machine game with slick gameplay and an interesting twist on the classic free spin bonus game.

Does the Pride of Egypt online slot have enough features to make it stand out from the pack, or does it fade away? Let’s find out!

Game Appearance

The art design for this Konami slot game is generally impressive. The background pyramid and temple are neat without being distracting, and the symbols really pop off of the board.

The artwork mixes classic Egypt with a touch of fantasy, using a royal lion and lioness, an “enlighted” pyramid, purple daggers, pieces of jewelry and a flag for the higher value spaces.

The lower value spaces are standard card symbols, “A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9.” The card symbols are colorful with a clear font to make them easier to read. The unique spaces are nicely done, with a bright, layered design that almost makes them look like they’re coming out of the game.

There are a few disappointing parts of the design though. There’s no actual music to mention. The sound effects are also almost entirely generic sounds, with bells, chimes and clicks. The Egyptian theme is solely limited to the artwork.

Strangely, the most noticeable music accompanies the special fireworks animation that plays to celebrate a big win, which is standard orchestra music that feels really out of place. Even the bonus round triggering just has fairly simple game show sound effects.

Compare Game Features — Paylines — RTP

Pride of Egypt slots: Real money and free game play

This game uses a typical five-reel and three-row design with 30 paylines active. It is not possible to play fewer paylines. There is no additional bet for the features, although that’s likely because there are no scatter wins available.

Even the bonus game relies on filling a standard payline from left-to-right.

There are wilds at play, with the lion Pharaoh space available to connect anything other than the bonus symbols. The lion spaces also act as the standard jackpot, with a 500x return for a set of five.

Konami tends to spice up its slot machines with twists from their “Action Stacked Symbols” system.

In this case, before each spin the reels have certain sections filled with stacked blocks of the same symbol. For most of the reels, this just makes it a little easier to fill out paylines.

If three of the same symbols appear on the first reel though, this triggers the special copy and paste feature.When this happens, the first reel is copied and pasted over at least one more reel.

While it doesn’t provide a guaranteed win, with the right placement and a little help from the wild spaces players, can often end up with five-of-a-kind combinations across multiple paylines.

The occasional blackout isn’t out of the question either, and 30 paylines stack up well even for lower paying symbols.

The Pride of Egypt casino game provides fairly relaxing gameplay that’s slightly different from similar machines. While there are a lot of the expected small wins available from matching three symbols, the game generally revolves around the copy and paste action.

Given the number of wild spaces and the way that copy and pasting can load up the board, players can get moderate wins often enough to really stretch out their bankroll while they wait for the bonus action.

Pride of Egypt slot machine bonus game – 2-in-1

The bonus game in Pride of Egypt has a slight twist to it. Lining up at least three of the bonus pyramids on one payline triggers the bonus round.

Three, four and five pyramids respectively give 5, 10 and 15 free spins along with a 5x, 15x and 50x return on the line bet.

It’s important to note that it is possible to trigger more than one bonus payline at a time. Also, bonus spaces are eligible for the copy and paste feature so it’s possible to really fill up the reels with a little luck.

The twist is the special Balance of Fortune choice. After triggering the free spins, the game will stop and offer players a straight semi-random payout instead of their free spins.

The possible payout will be somewhere between an offered minimum and maximum, which is based on how many free spins the player has.

The absolute minimum is 25 credits. The maximum potential is 407,700 credits, although obviously that would only be offered for a lot of spins.

Players who choose the credit bonus will see the actual awarded amount revealed on the screen. Anyone who chooses to stick with their free spins will go back to a version of the standard game to see their games play.

All rewards in this mode are doubled and the copy and paste feature is still active. It’s also possible to re-trigger the bonus to add more free spins to the count.

One last trick is that regretful players that still have at least 20 free spins can choose to go back to the Balance of Fortune screen and take a random credit payout adjusted for their remaining number of spins.

Our Final Thoughts

Pride of Egypt is a slightly difficult slot game to recommend. The actual gameplay is nice, and the copy and paste system can lead to some really exciting turns.

The option to forgo the free spins for a more predictable reward is an interesting twist on the bonus round, and the potential to stack a lot of free spins is enticing.

A generous 96.09% RTP even makes it a nice reliable game for more serious players. The problem comes from the overall generic feel.

Other than the artwork, the game doesn’t do much with its theme. There’s a real disconnect, and players looking for a more complete experience may be bored. There’s nothing wrong with it, but in a crowded field it lacks a real draw.